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to hate my hair

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ThisIsNotARealAvo Wed 08-Jun-16 19:38:41

I spent quite a lot of money on a haircut and colour today. I asked for a dark brown colour on my roots, ombre on the ends and a trim. I spent quite a bit of time showing the stylist a picture and explaining that I didn't want the dip dye to be like a straight line across my head, that I just wanted lighter brown on the ends, and a trim. I also said that I didn't want any light hair around my face as it is very unflattering. ( this has happened before at a different salon).

I have ended up with too much being cut off, the dip dye is too light and too much in a straight line and starts too far up my head, and horrible feathery fringey bits around my face.

Why did I say I was happy with it??? And why did I pay?? I want to go back in tomorrow and complain, and ask them to refund the dip dye and the cut. I am happy with the root colour but not the rest.

AIBU to ask for some money back?

TheWitTank Wed 08-Jun-16 19:44:20

I would go back and speak to the manager. They may ask you to give them a chance to rectify the colour and do something about the cut (not as easy obviously). If you are still unhappy you could ask for a part refund.

Would you be willing to let them have a go at fixing it? It's definitely worth complaining and having a conversation, possibly letting them try to resolve your issues before going straight for a refund.

JapaneseSlipper Wed 08-Jun-16 19:53:09

Yep, go back.

I know the feeling though, I never come out of a salon happy!

ThisIsNotARealAvo Wed 08-Jun-16 20:03:39

I also never come out happy but usually get used to it by the time I'm home! This one is different plus so expensive!

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