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Mobile phone company BU?

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Laptopontable Wed 08-Jun-16 18:06:18

My father is currently being treated for cancer as an inpatient. He accidentally ran up a huge mobile phone bill by going over the data usage, he got confused and thought he had unlimited data. As soon as he realised he stopped using it. I've rung them and asked if they can waive the overcharging as a goodwill gesture under the circumstances and as my entire immediate family have been customers of theirs since we've had mobiles (15 years+). I've offered to email proof of my father's illness as well and explained that my father is self employed so whilst he's in hospital there is no income. They've refused to do anything saying that he'll have to pay it all in full. What do you think? I personally think it's terrible for them not to do anything at all for loyal, long standing customers but I'm willing to accept I may be being unreasonable at this emotional time. What are people's thoughts on this? Any advice?

WeAreEternal Wed 08-Jun-16 18:27:12

You are BU to expect them to wave a charge for usage but UANUB to think they could offer some leeway.

Personally I would call again, explaining the situation again and make it clear that there is no chance the bill can be paid so ask to put the account on hold and pay in instalments, if you lay it on thick they way offer a better solution.
Often they are willing to accept less if it's that or nothing.

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