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To Think This Is The Best Thing To Happen To Me?

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SheDoneAlreadyDoneHadHerses Wed 08-Jun-16 17:44:00

I'm being made redundant. They stuck me on garden leave. I've been meaning to leave for years.

I've decorated, spent time with friends and loved ones, slept in, drank good wine, put a ridiculous amount of weight on being stress-free and eating out, and have just seriously relaxed for the first time in nearly a decade.

I've got a couple of possibilities in the pipeline - and the opportunity to do the job I've fancied for 20 years - and it's been marvellous.

Everyone thinks I should be stressing (and I do, on the quiet) but for the most part I'm so utterly grateful I've been given the chance to start over.

timelytess Wed 08-Jun-16 17:44:54

grin and flowers and enjoy!

EatShitDerek Wed 08-Jun-16 17:45:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HereIAm20 Wed 08-Jun-16 18:05:16

Garden leave is when they pay you to the end of your notice period but make you stay at home during it.

Enjoy your time off and have fun in future life - make it what you want it to be!

RuggerHug Wed 08-Jun-16 18:07:56

Enjoy every second. In my job people complain out loud when our department gets passed over for the redundancies. Live the dream grin

WhatALoadOfWankers Wed 08-Jun-16 18:15:02

These things happen for a reason , enjoy it , I would

SheDoneAlreadyDoneHadHerses Wed 08-Jun-16 18:21:06

Eatshitderek I have gardened once, just to show willing grin

Honestly. Before they made me redundant, I told my mum I'd stay at the place unless they offered me a grand for every year I'd been there.

Guess what my final pay works out at...............? grin

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