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The Lugubrious Game

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GertrudeMoo Wed 08-Jun-16 07:52:13

AIBU to think that Dali's Lugubrious Game is unsuitable material for use in a year 2 literacy homework? Of all the paintings they could have chosen to ask my 7-year-old to describe they pick one with themes of castration and masturbation, and some quite disturbing imagery.


LaurieFairyCake Wed 08-Jun-16 07:55:37

I imagine the castration and masturbation won't be pointed out or discussed with 6 years.

Instead it will be about the colours

GertrudeMoo Wed 08-Jun-16 08:06:29

Nothing was pointed out. It was a handout she simply brought home with no class discussion. Dd asked us to look it up online as she couldn't understand what she was looking at. I doubt she was the only one.

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