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To think antihistamines should be much stronger

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Notmoreantihistamines Wed 08-Jun-16 00:16:44

I have, asthma, excema, hayfever, skin allergies, chemical allergies, drug allergies, nut allergies, latex and sting allergies as proven by consultant specialist in allergies, allergy test 20/20, admission to ITU, and twice yearly visits to The Brompton Heart and Lung Institute.

I am not a fussy eater with disordered food issues very few know the extent of my food problems, I just don't order or eat foods I can't digest

My allergies are quite irritating and in severe episodes life threatening. I have been resuscitated from a reporatory arrest, in ICU.

I have spent days in ICU for different allergic responses. I have prednislone at home, alll the hayfever drugs, different types of antihistamine, anti sting cream(doesn't work). Been admitted andput on a drip for adverse reactions. Admitted and put on a drip for a sting/ bite, water came out of my stationary leg.

Been admitted more times than I care to mention for ramdom allergic responses. Not proud.

I don't want to to end up like Michael Jackson, in a bubble with a face mask. I have done anti histamine above and beyond, steroids, nasal spray, sinus drained, but all my symptons are getting worse and I dont know why?

All endocronoligists out there, please help. It is really humid, lights are off, door is open. I will get bitten to shit, my teenage sweaty son and husband are untouched.. It will really hurt all summer, and autumn, when the mould gets worse.

If it frosts, I have less symptoms, suns out, plants get into pollen, snowdrops out, screwed. I've got twelve months of sniffles, eyewatering, nose running, can't take sunglasss off. It's basicallly 12/12 antihistamine.

Its getting me down

BeALert Wed 08-Jun-16 04:32:29

Have you talked to anyone about allergy shots?

MardAsSnails Wed 08-Jun-16 05:39:43

I was coming onto the thread to scorn and say 'there are stronger ones then over the counter portion you know', as someone with similar levels of allergies to you. I get frustrated when people say 'oh my allergies are so bad and are such as hassle - I had to take a piriton today.' nothing against piriton, I just find its the normal go-to over the counter one for most people

Instead, fuck yes, I'm with you all the way. My last hospitalisation was DH wearing an aftershave he hadn't worn for a few months. Two one-a-day super strength antihistamines, 1 hour apart, and I still couldn't breathe properly. Previously I'd been fine with it.

BeALert, my specialist said he wouldn't try shots, because the sheer number of allergies I had meant they were unlikely to be safe unless each one was first thing in the morning and I didn't leave the hospital all day.

notmore regarding the bites, B&M bargains apparently have some good, cheap fly screens for doors at the minute, and for about £20 you can get fly nets on Amazon to sleep in. Possibly overkill in the UK for most people, but might get you a few less bites! I've also found the craghoppers nosilife range pretty good, only if you're not usually found on the S&B boards they've created a fabric that is a total barrier. Then it's just extremities to worry about.

coco1810 Wed 08-Jun-16 10:01:06

You have my sympathy OP and other posters. I am constantly reacting to everything at this time year, not to the extreme that you are. I really hope that you all find a happy medium.

stealthbanana Wed 08-Jun-16 10:05:07

OP have you tried a steroid injection? It's not a long term solution (you're not allowed them every year) but might give you some relief this year so you can make a plan.

No idea re sting allergies sorry.

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