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To ask how often your dc are ill?

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SweetElizaRose Tue 07-Jun-16 15:12:17

I'm getting help for PND and health anxiety and I'm at the point where I'm very worried about going out anywhere due to germs. It's ridiculous I know! But it seems that there are so many out there that I'm not sure how we aren't ill pretty much all the time...

I have an older dc of 7 who - touch wood and thank god - is rarely unwell. I think in the last two years he's had one bad cold and he hasn't had time off school since reception except for his eye appointments.
Is this typical or have we been extremely lucky?

Savagebeauty Tue 07-Jun-16 15:17:10

My DC's have never had d and V or any type of stomach bug. No idea why. They're now 20 and 17.
They had 25 days off between them in primary and secondary..... mainly for throat and ear infections.
I'm lucky to have robust children...I never use antibacterial sprays in the kitchen or bathroom...a bit of bleach down the toilet is enough for me.

iseenodust Tue 07-Jun-16 15:22:21

DS age11 is hardly ever ill. He hasn't had a day off school in 4 years. I can't remember him ever having D&V even as a baby. He had chicken pox in pre school. Another who doesn't use antibacterial sprays just general cleaning products and not daily by any stretch and until last summer we had a dog leaving prints, hairs and labrador drool around the place.

Princecharlesfirstwife Tue 07-Jun-16 15:22:55

I've got 3 dcs - I think i could probably count on two hands how often between them they've been off school due to sickness over the past 19 years. We had chicken pox but they weren't even actually ill with that, just spotty. The very odd dodgy tummy and a snotty nose every now and then. I've always been one of those 'a little lot of dirt doesn't hurt' type parents but whether it's that or luck i don't suppose i'll ever know.

SweetElizaRose Tue 07-Jun-16 15:24:06

I wonder if it is hereditary or just luck? I always got colds but seemed to avoid sickness bugs

LittleLionMansMummy Tue 07-Jun-16 15:25:34

Ds is in reception and has had 1 day off. He seemed to be sick every other week as a baby/ toddler though. I'm going on the theory that he built up a really good immunity purely by being so I'll as a baby. He gets the occasional coughs/ colds but still seems to function quite well.

LittleLionMansMummy Tue 07-Jun-16 15:26:31

And he never gets D&V.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Tue 07-Jun-16 15:30:55

I have a toddler and a baby and they're ill all the bloody time. Nothing major, just colds/coughs etc that they pick up from toddler/baby groups, pre school etc. We do mix with a lot of other children. I'm hoping it will mean that by the time they get to school they'll have already had everything! Minor illnesses are just a part of life.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Tue 07-Jun-16 15:31:26

Neither have had d&v though.

SweetElizaRose Tue 07-Jun-16 15:34:47

Croup was the worst thing ds had - blue lighted to hospital when he was 1. But he was fine as soon as he'd had some steroids.
I think he had chicken pox but he only had about ten spots and he's only ever been sick about twice. Both times on holiday so I'm never sure if it's over excitement rather than anything else...

minipie Tue 07-Jun-16 15:35:12

I have a 3 and 1 year old and they seem to have permanent colds.

1 year old has also had bronchiolitis a couple of times and the 3 year old has had hand foot and mouth a couple of times.

They've had one 24 hr vomiting bug.

Just like Grotbag it seems they are ill all the bloody time and I'm hoping this means very few bugs by the time we hit school.

I am also not a fan of endless antibac products and subscribe to the "peck of dirt" school of thought. Have wondered if this is why they are always ill so this thread is reassuring!

LittleLionMansMummy Tue 07-Jun-16 15:35:13

Tonsillitis was thankfully as bad as it got with ds Worlds although his did seem to suffer with it more than most (as I do). But he's definitely a resilient little trooper now and I sometimes yearn for the days off cuddles I used to get with him on sofa

fourcorneredcircle Tue 07-Jun-16 15:41:59

I'm sure I read somewhere once that some people are immune to gastroenteritis (or was it Norovirus?). The article said that immunity was hereditary - I have never, ever had a tummy bug, neither has my biological brother although my adopted and step brothers have. I asked my parents and living GPs and they'd never had it either. Fascinating stuff!

HackerFucker22 Tue 07-Jun-16 16:11:59

Mine are ill all the bloody time.

DC1 has been at preschool (full time) since start of term and has already had 10 days off not all in one go but it''s mainly been nasty cough's and colds with a temperature.

Prior to preschool he has had one sickness bug - just sick a few time's (I'm an emetophobe so remember it well), one chest infection which needed antibiotics [and one 3 night stay in hospital when he was 13m for viral induced wheeze] but generally I would say he is quite healthy....

Second DC catches every cough and cold and has even had chicken pox twice
She has been in hospital with bronchiolitis (thankfully not kept in) and has cmpa so we've been at the Dr's loads for that. She has a hacking cough and streaming cold at the moment!!! Touch wood no D&V though.

HackerFucker22 Tue 07-Jun-16 16:12:41

Excuse the random apostrophes.

SweetElizaRose Tue 07-Jun-16 17:53:08

I antibac continuously at the moment!!

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