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AIBU To fib during pregnancy? (Lighthearted).

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LouBlue1507 Mon 06-Jun-16 19:43:02

Hi Ladies!

I'm 34 weeks pregnant and just wondering if anyone else has told any little white lies to their OH throughout their pregnancy?

- I've told my OH that women aren't to hoover during the 1st and 3rd trimester blush hehe!
- I can't bend over enough to shave my legs and my OH does it for me! (This isn't a complete fib, I can bend but it's a struggle)!

Anyone else? Do you feel guilty at all? I don't blush hehe x

Buggers Mon 06-Jun-16 19:44:45

That's brilliant grin. Wish I'd thought of that when I was pregnant with dd.

StarkyTheDirewolf Mon 06-Jun-16 19:50:18

<Nods wisely>

I'm 16 weeks on Wednesday. Pregnant women aren't allowed to change bin bags because of germs. Or touch bleach.

I did try the hovering thing, but he's a better hooverer than me away so even if I do hoover he just does it again. But I'm DEFINETLY not allowed to hoover the stairs, because of potential over balancing I have absolutely no bump to speak of

Ffion3107 Mon 06-Jun-16 19:50:53

I suffer with SPD and sciatica, but when I tell him I'm in pain and can't do certain things he doesn't believe me (or doesn't understand how painful it is) either way - it's frustrating!
So make the most of having a gullible husband grin

LouBlue1507 Mon 06-Jun-16 19:51:40

StarkyTheDirewolf Haha love it! Luckily we're in a flat so no stairs for me grin I like not having to change the bin bags one too!

leopardspice Mon 06-Jun-16 19:52:58

I did tell dh pregnant woman cannot change bins due to the bacteria risk. I linked it to the reason I couldn't do the litter tray either haha!

FuckingFattyBitch Mon 06-Jun-16 19:53:48

I didn't have to lie. I had very severe SPD and couldn't do anything for myself anyways still can't do some things . grin

Beth2511 Mon 06-Jun-16 19:54:21

Haha did the bin one too and cleaning the rabbits out

StarkyTheDirewolf Mon 06-Jun-16 19:55:10

lou if he goes "really?" Then I just do a horrified look and say "errr, toxoplasmosis/campylobactor/botulism!" I just don't like changing the bin bag.

Roobix04 Mon 06-Jun-16 19:55:50

Luckily I don't have to lie about not being able to do the cat litter. When I was pregnant with dc1 I tried to convince my sister that cake is a pregnancy super food grin

LouBlue1507 Mon 06-Jun-16 20:47:04

Cake is super food! Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise grin

Mishmashpotatoes Mon 06-Jun-16 21:23:56

I had SPD, some days I could manage better than others and on the days I didn't feel so bad I still made DP fetch me food and drinks blush

Also one time we were getting down to business and he was strongly hinting at oral, I couldn't be arsed so I told him it can bring on morning sickness, got away with it for the 1st trimester. halo

KayTee87 Mon 06-Jun-16 21:29:41

Our dining room needed painted when I was suffering pretty badly from morning sickness, I said I wasn't allowed to paint with even water based paints so he had to do it himself. I've since painted the nursery grin
Think he knows I was fibbing by now.

PinkyOfPie Mon 06-Jun-16 21:45:33

I'll admit, I'm pregnant and have had morning sickness and nausea throughout. Most days, but not 24/7. If I can't be arsed doing something I turn on the 'morning sickness' card. grin I don't feel bad either. I do vast majority of the toddlers' childcare, including driving to nursery, bedtimes, and playing monotonous games over and over. I cook most nights (DH is useless and burns everything), I'm working 3 days a week picking up half my team's workload and the only time I catch a proper break is when I take a day off when DD is at nursery so I get a whopping 8 hours to myself every 3 months. Plus, I actually do feel sick through about 75% of all of this. Too bloody right I'm milking it for all its worth grin

Euripidesralph Tue 07-Jun-16 00:17:44

Hehe I linked several things to not being able to change cat litter whilst I was pregnant.....I claimed I couldn't empty the bins etc either

I confess I even claimed it whilst I was breastfeeding in case toxoplasmosis was passed through breastfeeding milk (in my defence I said I was worried about it not that it was a fact ) and dh has continued after breastfeeding has stopped ..... he apparently hasn't noticed it's become his job and I've no intention of pointing it out lol

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