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I am not coping with the passage of time.

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TheseLittleEarthquakes Mon 06-Jun-16 18:21:00

It's DS2's last half term of preschool before starting primary. DD will be in year 8. DS1 will be in year NINE.

It honestly feels like just a few months ago that ds1 was starting school. And I'm sure I'm still only in my early twenties, the alternative is unthinkable.

Anyone else? How do you cope with it? In a very few short years they'll be leavin home.


nonladyofleisure Mon 06-Jun-16 18:26:01

I had a little cry the other day when my son blew me out several times and would rather hang at home or with his friends father than me and his brother...

I've now had to be more creative to find new age appropriate activities so we still have time. But he's never leaving home ever! X

seeyounearertime Mon 06-Jun-16 18:28:05

I know how you feel I think.
I'm very quickly approaching a birthday a dont want or need. DD is going to nursert attached to her first school in september.
I sit and watch a new movie that's been out a few months and realise it came out 10years ago. It sucks.

Still, it's better than the alternative i Guess

TheseLittleEarthquakes Mon 06-Jun-16 18:30:25

Oh god yes to the 'new' films. I do that on NowTV all the time.

I can't cope with the fact that the eighties were thirty years ago, I mean I literally can't comprehend it.

StillMedusa Mon 06-Jun-16 18:31:24

Then they go to Uni...and you cry... and they come home again in the hols with all their STUFF...and you breathe a quiet sigh of relief when they go again grin

And when you are down to just one child permanently at go out and buy a sports car grin... well I and enjoy your freedom again.

And they still come home, bringing boyfriends and girlfriends and the family just grows... it's fab!

seeyounearertime Mon 06-Jun-16 18:32:21

I can't comprehend that I meet people who I think are kids but are the age I thought of as old when I was a kid.

I'm getting a walking stick to shake at the damn kids soon.

TheseLittleEarthquakes Mon 06-Jun-16 18:32:43

Oh I am looking forward to them growing up, in a way. I just didn't think it would all happen so quickly. I want time to slow the hell down.

TheseLittleEarthquakes Mon 06-Jun-16 18:33:30

Ha yes and the doctors and teachers etc are all CHILDREN. it's painful.

LaurieFairyCake Mon 06-Jun-16 18:35:30

I forget about my ageing sometimes but am brought down to earth with a massive bump when I see how old celebrities are getting

Goldie Hawn is 70 shock

She's so young! In my mind she's the extremely young and very beautiful Private Benjamin

And there's loads of people I think of young-ish who are now actually dead hmm

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