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To request flexible working hours? (NHS)

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Smellyoulater Mon 06-Jun-16 09:36:00

Just been offered a job on the NHS bank as a HCSW. I'm hoping to do the early shifts and some weekends, but I've heard that the earlies start at 7, and I cannot find any childminder to take my children for the school run before then (don't have family or friends who can do it either as I live in the middle of nowhere, and many of them don't drive otherwise they would)

I was wondering if anyone here works on the bank, and how likely it would be for me to request that I start at 8 instead of 7, and finish an hour later when I can use before and after school club. Are you allowed to request this as bank staff? TIA

araiba Mon 06-Jun-16 10:12:13

why dont you ask NHS bank?

they will 100% know the answer

frikadela01 Mon 06-Jun-16 10:17:08

In my experience this is down to the individual wards that you'll be working on. Some might be OK with it however by starting an hour later you'll be missing handover which is quite important and I know on the wards in my unit even permanent staff wouldn't be allowed to regularly miss handover so management would never let bank staff do it.

SecretSpy Mon 06-Jun-16 10:18:13

You may be better to look for clinic/day shifts as on the wards there is usually a handover period that you need to not miss at the beginning of the shift. Bank work is by definition flexible but in terms of choosing your own days not really setting different hours.

Start times will often vary a bit by ward and some areas still do earlies and lates rather than 12 hour shifts.

SecretSpy Mon 06-Jun-16 10:19:58

It would quite likely be ok on the odd occasion if they are desperate, but I really wouldn't plan on it being viable for general shifts.

jimijack Mon 06-Jun-16 10:21:56

I do bank in the nhs.
I start when everyone else starts as those are the shift Times.

It's very difficult and I wonder how people manage as loads of colleagues have children. It's family and friends I expect.

Ask the bank office, I suspect that the flexible working is set days rather than changing shift times.

TheCrumpettyTree Mon 06-Jun-16 10:22:59

On my ward this wouldn't be allowed no. It's been denied for permanent staff. For a start you'll miss handover which is really important and who's going to cover your patients for an hour?

You might be better finding a job in outpatients or somewhere that does 9-5 hours.

lougle Mon 06-Jun-16 10:25:12

It's very unlikely.

ENormaSnob Mon 06-Jun-16 10:26:19

You could ask but the handover time between night shift and early shift is pretty important.

Not really feasable for long term tbh although the odd occasion may be ok.

NoahVale Mon 06-Jun-16 10:31:05

agree you might get a clinic position

Smellyoulater Mon 06-Jun-16 10:35:58

Thanks for your responses.

Outpatients/clinics sounds like a better plan, I wonder if there will be plenty of shifts going there though the week? Weekends will be easier for me as I can leave them with family/friends then and do a later shift. It's a bit of a nightmare with childcare through the week though, I have yet to find a childminder willing to take children at 6am (I will have a half an hour commute in a town notorious for bad traffic) I am hoping to eventually transfer to my local hospital (if you are able to do that?) which is five minutes away, that will make things easier.

frikadela01 Mon 06-Jun-16 10:41:34

Is your local hospital part of the same trust as the one you're on staff bank at? If it is then you should just be able to get shifts there straight away.

Not all trusts have an internal staff bank. Some use outside agencies like nhs professionals in which case you'd have to apply to that agency separately.

Smellyoulater Mon 06-Jun-16 10:45:42

frik No it's a different trust unfortunately. It's very hard to get onto the bank in my local hospital as they tend to close the post before you have time to even submit your application. The slightly further away hospital is crying out for staff and I always see them advertising recruitment days, so I thought it'd be a good way to get my foot in the door.

frikadela01 Mon 06-Jun-16 10:48:48

Ah. You'll not be able to transfer then. Just keep youre eye open for positions at your local an get applying when you can.

NoahVale Mon 06-Jun-16 10:55:22

a foot in the door is always good, then you will have relevant experience, and you will know whether you really like it also

TheCrumpettyTree Mon 06-Jun-16 11:14:11

If you use an agency like NHS professionals or pulse or whichever, you can work anywhere providing that particular hospital uses them. If it's just bank then no.

Littleballerina Mon 06-Jun-16 11:22:47

Had you not realised before applying?
Starting late on rare occasions if you have an appointment etc is ok but not each shift.

x2boys Mon 06-Jun-16 11:27:52

If the ward is desperate for staff they might allow it but if theres competition for shifts then they will just give the shift to whichever bank staff can come in my experience.

SquinkiesRule Mon 06-Jun-16 13:12:20

The wards I've worked on wouldn't want anyone to come in later. They are too busy to give you a separate handover at whatever time you can get there, patients need seamless care, and can't wait an hour for you to get there to go for a wee or whatever, the other staff will be busy with their own patients.
Maybe if you want to be on the wards, try bank on nights. Friday Saturday nights. Our nights start at 7.30pm and finish at 8am two a week plus enhancements would pay more than clinic day shifts, which on bank where I am are pretty rare.

Babyroobs Mon 06-Jun-16 14:27:10

It wouldn't be allowed where I work unless we were desperately short of staff. Bank staff start at 7 am, this is crucial for handover and then it's the busiest time of the shift with patients waking up and all needing the toilet or pain relief at the same time, also needing help with feeding at breakfast time etc. Bank staff might be permitted to leave say an hour earlier at the end of the shift ( for example 2pm rather than 3pm) as there are generally more staff around with th overlap of early and late shifts.

U2HasTheEdge Mon 06-Jun-16 15:07:24

No. I am an HCA on the bank and we have to be there at the start of the morning or afternoon shift.

If they are desperate I can do a half night shift but that's it.

Clinic shifts are hard to come by. They are very popular so you can't rely on them either I'm afraid.

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