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to ask if you have a cleaner?

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OhYouAhole Mon 06-Jun-16 00:04:37

And if you do, how often do they clean your home and what do they do?-hold the sarcasm on that one, I'm after a task list grin

Jollyphonics Mon 06-Jun-16 00:09:02

2 hours per fortnight. Hoover, clean floors, bathrooms, kitchen, dust shelves. Most cleaners will do lots of other stuff - ironing etc - but of course it takes a lot longer so you have to pay more.

cannotmakemymindup Mon 06-Jun-16 00:33:57

I am a cleaner and it varies house to house as to what they require but usually
Dust and polish
Clean bathrooms and toilets
Kitchen sides and hob
Wash/Steam clean floors.
Some houses i make the beds
Change bins
(probably not many mn who say they are cleaners)

Yarboosucks Mon 06-Jun-16 00:49:58

I have a cleaner for 4 hours a week and she does roughly what cannot makeupmymind does. She actually came with the house. We both work full-time and have a large old house. She helps me stay sane…..

fatmomma99 Mon 06-Jun-16 00:53:04

On behalf of most of MN, I don't.

cannotmakemymindup Mon 06-Jun-16 00:55:09

Yarboosucks that is what the people i clean for say, i enjoy knowing im helping a bit.

cbigs Mon 06-Jun-16 01:06:19

I have a friends do three hours a week and keep our dog company . She's a fucking life saver and whatever she does is more than I've had time to do.
I used to do a bit of cleaning and would focus on kitchen bathroom then whatever else I could see needed doing .

LadyMaryofDownt0n Mon 06-Jun-16 01:14:50

I have a cleaner/housekeeper she's does 8-12 hours per week. She does basically everything because I am never home.

Cleans,dust & polish, hoovered, makes/changes beds, laundry, ironing, cleans Windows, deep cleans every 2 months & fridges/cupboards/ovens at least once every week.

She also helps me plan meals, cooks if I don't get home to feed the kids in time & takes my clothes to the dry cleaners. Ie lifesaver, but I do pay her v well.

TroubleinDaFamily Mon 06-Jun-16 01:35:25


Dog Walker

Ironing lady

So glad my Mil is no longer here to have an opinion. grin

The cleaner hoovers throughout, does the bathrooms, dusts, changes beds, damp dusts the skirting boards and lots more that I cant think of off the top of my head. She does two hours a week.

MadamDeathstare Mon 06-Jun-16 01:44:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

clarrrp Mon 06-Jun-16 01:46:13

one a week - floors, shelves, bathrooms and kitchen. she doesnt' clean my office or the library - I do those myelf. and she doesnt' clean the cats trays

Newmamatobe Mon 06-Jun-16 01:52:00

Bottoms one room per week, gives the whole house a full clean, ironing and change the bed, put a wash on and hang it to dry.. 3hrs per week...

stopgap Mon 06-Jun-16 01:53:42

I am a SAHM who uses a cleaner once a week. I find a deep clean of everything gives me a headstart on tackling basic day-to-day cleaning. She doesn't iron, but she does fold any laundry that I've done the day before, plus vacuuming and mopping throughout, and straightening all bathrooms and bedrooms.

stopgap Mon 06-Jun-16 01:54:48

PS That takes her about five-six hours.

LadyStarkOfWinterfell Mon 06-Jun-16 01:57:59

1 hour per week. She's not a professional cleaner and she's cheap, so she doesn't do deep cleaning or anything but she cleans the bathroom and kitchen in that time. It makes a huge difference to my life.

PPie10 Mon 06-Jun-16 02:20:15

I have a full time cleaner. However this is common in the country I moved to.

It is the best.thing.ever.

She does absolutely everything.

enterYourPassword Mon 06-Jun-16 05:20:27

8-5 and everything although she has our boys after school so housework is until about 2.

She does everything. She has a daily and weekly list with all laundry, cleaning, dusting, hoovering etc. She has very little initiative so we ask for extra things. The country she's from prides itself on doing only what's asked of you so if you don't ask you don't get. Mind you, she's better than most and does occasionally do a little something when not explicitly asked.

trinity0097 Mon 06-Jun-16 06:03:42

Mine does 3 hours a week. She empties the dishwasher, puts on washing/drying, puts away clothes, changes our bed, tidies up plus then cleans the house. No deep cleaning/skirting boards, but all the usual day to day stuff you would expect.

Really concerned that I will struggle to find a good cleaner when I move later this month!

HicDraconis Mon 06-Jun-16 06:26:54

3h a week - during which time she vacs & mops the hard floors, vacs carpets, cleans bathrooms & toilets, wipes down kitchen surfaces (though I tend to clean those several times a day anyway!), wipes down drawer & cupboard fronts, cleans some windows. No laundry or bed changing but what she does is enough for me to know the house has had a thorough clean once a week.

Bubbinsmakesthree Mon 06-Jun-16 06:45:24

3hrs per week over a small 3 bed house:

-cleans/hoovers floors and surfaces --and straightens some of the mess-/
-empties dishwasher
-irons 5 shirts or similar.
-changes bed

Finallyamummy Mon 06-Jun-16 08:30:05

3 hours every other week. We have a 3 bed semi and in that time she does the bathrooms, downstairs loo, hoovers throughout, dusts throughout, makes the beds, mops kitchen and does all sides, hob etc and cleans Windows inside. Dh and I both work full time so this means we enjoy our weekends with ds and I do a quick Hoover and wipe sinks and toilets round the week she doesn't come.

BippityBoppityBullshit Mon 06-Jun-16 08:43:48

I have 2 ladies who come weekly and do 2hrs 30 mins cleaning in 1 hr and 15 minutes which I love.

They clean every surface, the kitchen, the windows, skirting boards, shelving and ornaments, pull all the furniture out, bathroom and steam mop the floor.

I'm a SAHM so most people pull a funny face if i say we have a cleaner but that is alongside running my own business, working from home part time, and working 1 weekend a fortnight.

Getting cleaners was the best decision because I don't feel guilty working while did is asleep, or having to clean while she is up or when we are home as a family.

3amClub Mon 06-Jun-16 08:59:26

2hrs a fortnight. She hoovers & dusts throughout, mops & cleans bathroom. I usually do it on her week off but if I can't be arsed it's nice to know she's coming in a few days later.

I have a ds & on mat leave but know when I go back OH won't do as much as I do in the house so a few quid a month isn't a lot to pay to save the resentment 😉

3amClub Mon 06-Jun-16 09:01:13

Only pita thing is I have to go out every time she's here. Last week I joined in the cleaning because I felt cheeky when ds was asleep & she was cleaning away!

Maisy313 Mon 06-Jun-16 09:18:48

2.5 hours per week and she Hoovers, cleans wooden floors, does bathrooms, dusts, cleans hobs and sometimes makes beds. Things like skirting boards or moving furniture to Hoover or cobwebs etc don't seem to get done though. She is great though, I would trust her with my children and she does also babysit.

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