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to ask if anyone else's DP only wants to know the DC when they're being good?

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alificent Sat 04-Jun-16 16:47:48

DP has a habit of picking whichever of our children is currently being the best behaved and leaving me to deal with the others. With all of them he had little to do with them until they were 3/4 and would pick the older child. He promised it would be different with this baby but four months in, he has done next to nothing for or with her.

I have left our two year old with him three times today so I could shower, feed baby and pop out for nappies. Every time I've come back to two year old with a dirty nappy or being ignored because his older siblings were being better behaved/more fun.

He was playing with our five year old and then when it was lunch time she refused to wash her hands. He immediately went mute and scooped up the baby so he couldn't possibly deal with our 5 year old. Once I'd sorted it all our he started talking and playing with her again. I've just changed and fed both little ones and walked a couple of miles to get them to nap and he's just sent me a photo of him and the older two having an ice cream at the park. Having left the house in a tip, washing to do etc which will be up to me while the little ones nap.

Yet when they return grumpy and tired he won't want to know them and will no doubt resume his baby holding position to avoid having to do any actual useful parenting. Am I the only one with a partner like this? He will come back as though he's done me a huge favour for looking after the older two while I sorted the babies angry

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