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To have a pity party

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namechange0616 Sat 04-Jun-16 15:11:09

That it's a beautiful weekend and I have no one to enjoy it with and not enough confidence to go out, Boo Hoo.

I'm miserable and I cant see a way out

Princesspinkgirl Sat 04-Jun-16 19:27:55

Grab a wine why don't you have confidence to go out

chickenowner Sat 04-Jun-16 19:30:12

I have made lots of lovely friends :-)

namechange0616 Sun 05-Jun-16 11:18:48

Thanks. I have tried a couple of things but it's still just as lonely when you come back so I don't bother.

EatShitDerek Sun 05-Jun-16 11:21:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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