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How much do you relax on young childrens diet on holiday?

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Cloudybutwarm Sat 04-Jun-16 14:09:50

Yes of course there's going to be more ice cream and puddings and treats etc but I think that actual meals should still be vaguely healthy?

Ds4 has chosen some terrible 100% sugar cereal as a treat for breakfast and I've just got out of the shower to find that Dh has deemed it acceptable for our 20m old to basically pick the marshmallows out of his brothers cereal and eat them for breakfast. And it's ok because we're on holiday.

I may be slightly biased because Dh is rubbish with their food when we're at home as well, doesn't give a thought to balanced meals, fruit, veg etc that's all down to me, but surely even on holiday on holiday marshmallows for breakfast for an under 2 is a bit much?!

EatShitDerek Sat 04-Jun-16 14:12:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RiverTam Sat 04-Jun-16 14:15:09

I think you still need some kind of balance, I know that if I ate crap food all holiday I'd be constipated in no time (we're just back from 48 hours at MIL's where I don't think a vegetable that wasn't a potato was on show for any of the meals we had). Both DH and I are feeling very bunged up!

Free range is fine for kids who can self-regulate, but as we know, lots of kids can't.

TheFuckersBitingMe Sat 04-Jun-16 14:16:42

DS1 loves fruit and veg and would live on fruit for every meal, given chance.

DS2 is a fiend for biscuits and junk, and his eye glaze over in ecstasy when he sees the golden arches.

Between them they eat a pretty balanced diet, though DS2 has to be limited with junk or he'd live on chocolate digestives (one of his first words was 'shitbics'). But no, I don't relax the rules on holiday because I think it's pretty relaxed as it is. The only thing they have more of on holiday is fizzy pop, as we don't usually have it in the house. Not for the DCs though, but for DH, who will drink 2 litres of fanta in a day if it's there.

Hodooooooooor Sat 04-Jun-16 14:17:50

Unclench, ffs. Posting on MN about toddlers eating sugar on holidays, how dull is your holiday? Go for a swim or have a drink or something!

HermioneJeanGranger Sat 04-Jun-16 14:19:37

I don't think relaxing for a few days is a problem, so long as they're still having fruit and veg, I can't get worked up over a few marshmallows.

Cloudybutwarm Sat 04-Jun-16 14:20:41

No need to be rude, it only takes a minute to post. As soon as Dh is out of the shower we will be going out and I won't be looking at this for a while!

readytorage Sat 04-Jun-16 14:20:54

My DS tends to not have much of an appetite in the heat so I try to make sure he eats fruit and drinks water. That said, he loves a sweet treat and I just give in on holiday.

MrsJayy Sat 04-Jun-16 14:24:13

What harm is a few marshmallow bits going to do relax you must have bought the cereal

Enb76 Sat 04-Jun-16 14:28:40

I don't tend to relax our diet at all on holiday. Maybe there'll be an ice cream. We just eat as we would when not on holiday.

Cloudybutwarm Sat 04-Jun-16 14:29:02

Oh I agree that a few marshmallow bits aren't going to do any harm, but having them for breakfast and nothing else?

(Dh bought the cereal grin)

mummytime Sat 04-Jun-16 14:29:18

It sounds more like you have a food issue. However it could be your DC have particular dietary issues.
I'm pretty relaxed (except the rule of limiting crisps due to salt), and my DC have grown up pretty healthy. The one I worried most about tends to under eat, and has the most issues with food.
On holiday I just relax, two weeks is not going to ruin their health, and not seeing food as a battleground is crucial for long term healthy eating.

00100001 Sat 04-Jun-16 14:30:27

It's fine!

I eat chocolate for breakfast at Christmas.

Just been on holiday and ate coco pops and pizza for breakfasts.

On eday I had three ice creams.

Who cares? It's holiday!

00100001 Sat 04-Jun-16 14:31:07

Worst thing that will happen is 20m old will be hungry in a bit. confused

ComaToes Sat 04-Jun-16 14:31:26

I'd be unhappy with the that, too. Partly on general principles, and partly because marshmallows for breakfast will quite likely lead to a hungry, ratty toddler about an hour later.

I relax my 'every meal needs a fruit or vegetable' rule while we're on holiday, and of course there's much more ice-cream and puddings, but I want them to have enough energy to have play and have fun and I don't think pure sugar for breakfast does that.

hewl Sat 04-Jun-16 14:32:00

If you didn't want them to eat sugary cereal, why did you buy it??

HermioneJeanGranger Sat 04-Jun-16 14:32:52

I genuinely don't see the difference in eating marshamllows for breakfast and eating them as a snack. It does the same thing to your health whatever time of day you eat them!

Just make sure he has some fruit later if you're massively worried.

MrsJayy Sat 04-Jun-16 14:34:22

Dd 2 spent 2 weeks in America eating fruit loopy things and marshmallow bits by the end of the holiday she was twitching 😂 but turn a blind eye once the cereal has gone it is gone

Captainladder Sat 04-Jun-16 14:37:06

I relax a lot over holiday food. I don't think id go with marshmallow cereal though, I'd offer a choice of 2 that I felt were more appropriate but probably more exciting than normal no sugar ones (lol I sound more anal than I feel I am...) if it's been bought already I wouldn't stress over it though. (Though if kids became evil after I would get rid of cereal....)

Pinkheart5915 Sat 04-Jun-16 14:37:44

There on holiday, it's ok to relax the diet. it wouldn't bother me

My ds is only a baby but when I was a child mum and dad were quite strict with our diet but on holiday they let go but we knew it was a holiday only treat and once home the diet was back to normal.

EveryoneElsie Sat 04-Jun-16 14:39:05

Once in a blue moon doesn't hurt. It really doesn't.

JacketPoTayTo Sat 04-Jun-16 14:39:06

Awaiting the arrival of number 1 atm so can't talk from personal experience, but I do know that my friend had a hellish time getting her little boy back into his normal routine when they got back off holiday. They normally eat very healthy home cooked food (not like chia seeds and kale for every meal but just very well balanced, plenty of fruit and veg etc.). Little boy enjoyed lots of nugget and chips-type meals and puddings on holiday and wasn't so enthralled with the usual offerings at home. Although he actually does love fruit and veg so he got over it after a couple of weeks.

RitchyBestingFace Sat 04-Jun-16 14:45:11

We have ice cream for breakfast on holiday confused

Needanewnn Sat 04-Jun-16 14:48:48

I completely relax, although I'm a bit funny about breakfast and like to all have something I think is substantial.

Saying that I'd let them eat chocolate croissants or something but not marshmallows. Because croissants seem more breakfasty. Which make no sense as both are just full of sugar.

MrsJayy Sat 04-Jun-16 14:55:57

Its a mindset isnt it crossiant is basically cake put some choc in it and your Dc are having chocolate cake for breakfast grin

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