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To feel absolutely fed up with life

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Rosewine72 Fri 03-Jun-16 19:00:30

I just can't believe my life at the moment. My dad has terminal cancer although he's not doing too badly at the moment tbh it's still hard! My sister pushed me away and no longer bothers with me, my step daughters don't like me apparently but they can't tell me why, there is a court case just starting after their mum has caused such a lot of trouble , I'm the bad monster even though I honestly swear I don't know what I have done. Their mums own sister has contacted us to tell us not to trust her, she's wanting to split us up and will stop at nothing , her behaviour has been awful and she's now turned her dds against me by telling lies and they believe her because she's their mum. I was moving out last Friday I had enough. I've given up a lot for this family . My dp is doing his best to hold it together, now he is ill probably due to the stress . I just wanted to let it out 😔

Hassled Fri 03-Jun-16 19:03:15

I'm sorry - that does all sound truly shit. You can't do anything about the stepdaughters for now - they'll work things out in their own time. Make sure you get a bit of time to yourself in amongst all this, though.

bumbleclat Fri 03-Jun-16 19:29:56

I feel your pain, my mum's in a cancer unit being treated for leukaemia in isolation at the moment.
My step daughter spends nearly all her time watching hogging the TV and doesn't even say good morning/reply to me in my own home.
Im pregnant (good thing) but have been debilitatingly nauseous for 6 whole weeks now.
Im in my first year of teaching and am being moderated across the board in all subjects by external moderators which Im bond to fail because everything in my personal life such a strain.

Just wanted to say you're not alone in having the world on your shoulders and one thing that's easing my burden is going to see a therapist to off-load every week for an hour.

Sometimes shit things just all come at once and it is hard but all of them will pass.


Rosewine72 Fri 03-Jun-16 20:11:35

Omg bubblechat u do have a lot on your plate ! I hope your mum is going to be ok, I lost my mum 10 years ago to cancer , that was pretty horrendous, I've got out of abusive relationships and been fearful for my life , I thought things were finally getting better and then boom all this! How old is your step daughter bubblechat?

bumbleclat Fri 03-Jun-16 20:15:40

Thanks, she is 9, Ive just accepted that she and I will have an awkward relationship until she's in her 20s then she'll probably realise that Im really nice once she gets out into the big wide world and can see the wood for the trees. Until then, I try to carve out me time and just let her be with her dad as much as possible. Not the best coping mechanism probably but my idealistic idea of a fully integrated happy step family have since been washed away (only so much effort you can make)

I've kind of accepted that.

Sorry about your mum sad cancer is such an unfair disease.

I hope the clouds begin to clear for you soon.

Rosewine72 Fri 03-Jun-16 20:32:40

Oh mine are 10 and 12 the 12 year old is a little madam but I know it's her age amoungst other things . Her mum though I've never known anyone like her wanting to cause so much trouble, I knew there'd be some jealousy but never imagined on this scale x

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