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To wonder why there is so little coverage in the media of the Tory election expenses investigation?

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CatThiefkeith Fri 03-Jun-16 15:29:52

While we've all been gripped by (terrible) stories of children falling into gorilla enclosures and being abandoned in bear infested woods thousands of miles away, 19 police forces are currently investigating 28 MP's alleged to have flouted laws restricting their campaign spending to £100,000.

Channel 4 investigated this back in February, Rochester & Strood, Clacton and Thanet, UKIP costituencies at the time, apparently had thousands more thrown at their campaigns than was legal. A judge has just granted an extension into the investigation in Kent, despite the Tories trying to overrule the police. Election results could be declared void if the accusations are proved. Here

Why is this not national news? Unless you read the Guardian or the Independent you are unlikely to even be aware.

AIBU to wonder where the public outcry is?

CatThiefkeith Fri 03-Jun-16 15:32:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Onlyicanclean10 Fri 03-Jun-16 15:35:50

I suggest it's because all politicians have noses in the trough and it's a tricky subject for them all. The old expenses scandal told us that.

CatThiefkeith Fri 03-Jun-16 15:42:09

19 forces investigating 28 MP's though - presumably 28 seats under scrutiny - that could have made quite a difference to the 2015 election surely?

I wonder how the tories would fare now if there was a by-election was triggered in all 28 constituencies?

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