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Holiday issues

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planeymcplaneface Thu 02-Jun-16 21:29:35

Posting here for traffic. I am flying to bulgaria tomorrow evening with ds who is just about 1. Its his first time on a plane and i have no idea what i can/cant take with me regarding formula/juice and snacks to keep him going. Im hoping though that since the flight is at his bedtime he will sleep.
Also how can i minimise my guilt over my dog being in kennels 11 nights? Its the longest ive been away from him since i got him 4yrs ago and while i know he will most likely be okay he will of fell out with me by the time i get home grin

dementedpixie Thu 02-Jun-16 21:33:38

You can take enough formula for the journey and you may be asked to taste it. You can take any sort of snacks. Drinks/formula can also be bought after security and then wouldn't be subject to the 100mls per item limit.

planeymcplaneface Thu 02-Jun-16 21:38:17

Would i have to taste it if its one of those ready made bottles that are sealed?

ImogenTubbs Thu 02-Jun-16 21:41:54

Your may well be. Any other liquids over 100ml will be binned, so best to buy them once you're past security. You know you can take your buggy through security, and in most cases right up until you board?

nancy75 Thu 02-Jun-16 21:44:09

What airport are you travelling from? Call boots airside and ask them to reserve the formula you want ( in my day it was cartons ready made but it could be different now) because it's airside you won't have to open or taste it

planeymcplaneface Thu 02-Jun-16 21:46:44

My mum has an old silver cross buggy at the apaprtment already so im just taking my sling. I am flying from glasgow airport

nancy75 Thu 02-Jun-16 21:50:12

Never been to Glasgow airport but rhis is the number for boots airside give them a call now and ask them to reserve the milk

planeymcplaneface Thu 02-Jun-16 22:01:48

The number is just ringing out. Ill give it another try after ive made something to eat

nancy75 Thu 02-Jun-16 22:10:02

I'm not sure what time they close, the website just says at time of last flight so they could be closed already. I would imagine they open very early in the morning!

pearlylum Thu 02-Jun-16 22:22:15

I put my dogs in kennels many times to go on holiday. The first time they were unsure, but loved it.
They would recognise the track as we drove up, and their tails would start thumping.
When we opened the back of the car they would be straining at the leads to get into the reception office. ( unlike trying to get them into the vets- four refusnick paws")

ExitPursuedByBear Thu 02-Jun-16 22:24:22

Your dog will hate you forever and never speak to you again.


justmyview Thu 02-Jun-16 22:24:23

I suggest you buy whatever you need after passing security & you'll be fine. If you have liquids over 100ml, you can't take them through security, even if it's in a sealed carton

hilbil21 Thu 02-Jun-16 22:25:31

I flew from Glasgow with a 10 month old. Bought premade small bottles from the boots once through security.

justmyview Thu 02-Jun-16 22:25:51

Seriously exit?

Not sure if you're trying to be funny there, but that's not v helpful / reassuring for someone who is already nervous about travelling

hilbil21 Thu 02-Jun-16 22:25:55

I flew from Glasgow with a 10 month old. Bought premade small bottles from the boots once through security.

ExitPursuedByBear Thu 02-Jun-16 22:27:31

Oh er

Yeah dogs are renowned for holding a grudge.

walks off muttering

planeymcplaneface Thu 02-Jun-16 22:35:41

I have 3 premade bottles just now but will use one in the morning so will have 2 in my bag for travelling. Glad i can get them in departures though.
Im nervous for ddog as he has bad seperation anxiety and kennels dont help him any. I have my old dressing gown that i have been wearing to take for in beside his bed so that he still has the smell of me and ds around him

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