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to think this is insensitive?

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justanothergrumble Thu 02-Jun-16 20:09:54

A pregnant acquaintance posted a pregnant photograph of herself on Facebook earlier and captioned it 'being able to carry another human inside you is a blessing, never take being pregnant for granted because some women can't do the things our body can!' With one of those strong arm muscle emojishmm Am I being over sensitive or is she being a smug dick insinuating that infertility means your body is 'broken' and that her body is superior as it can carry a child? I don't know why this got to me so much as I have never suffered infertility it just seems like a really nobbish thing to post.

justanothergrumble Thu 02-Jun-16 20:10:59

Almost like women choose to not to be able to carry a child envy

Hensintheskirting Thu 02-Jun-16 20:12:13

People can be very very insensitive. I'm sure she means "aren't those of us not affected by infertility lucky" but it hasn't come out like that...

Welshmaenad Thu 02-Jun-16 20:12:20

To be honest I think it was well intentioned as a kind of 'not everyone can have this experience so don't take it for granted' and just got it a bit off.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Thu 02-Jun-16 20:12:30

Yeah, pretty nobbish

justanothergrumble Thu 02-Jun-16 20:13:32

It was the last bit and the emoji that I raised my eyebrows at.

VoldysGoneMouldy Thu 02-Jun-16 20:14:42

Can you please link to her profile so I can tell her what a giant wanker she is? I'm dealing with infertility and would probably deck her right now tbh.

I'll be wishing her a three week labour, two weeks overdue.

PreciousVagine Thu 02-Jun-16 20:14:47

Don't people post some shite on Facebook :/

PreciousVagine Thu 02-Jun-16 20:15:04

Oh and defo YANBU!

pictish Thu 02-Jun-16 20:15:41

I think she's got her pride at being pregnant and sympathy for those who won't experience it, mixed up in a jumble that hasn't come across well.

Moogletea Thu 02-Jun-16 20:15:46

As someone who is infertile in my darkest days that would have pushed me over the edge. Thankfully I'm experiencing motherhood now through adoption. It's not the carrying a baby that makes you strong it's being a mum. Totally insensitive in my opinion

justanothergrumble Thu 02-Jun-16 20:17:18

I blocked her to restrain myselfblush

leedspirate Thu 02-Jun-16 20:18:10

What a dick. Yanbu angry

PalcumTowder Thu 02-Jun-16 20:18:19

Wow, what a dick.

Balanced12 Thu 02-Jun-16 20:19:31

She sounds like a grade A plonker, probably meant well but a plonk !

mrsfuzzy Thu 02-Jun-16 20:21:26

it was well meant but a bit clumsy, why do you people bother with this crap ?

Mrskeats Thu 02-Jun-16 20:22:14

Right move to block her
Very insensitive and smug

calamityjam Thu 02-Jun-16 20:29:17

My first pregnancy was textbook and I was expected to give birth easily without any issues. Turned out I was wrong and ds almost died and I had a crash section under a general anaesthetic. If it wasn't for the obstetrician ds would've died. Moral of the story, don't count your chickens etc etc etc. Our bodies are very fucking unpredictable so don't spout shit on facebook.

user7755 Thu 02-Jun-16 20:31:42

She's a twat.

OddBoots Thu 02-Jun-16 20:33:29

It's insensitive in so many ways, not only to women with fertility concerns but also to women who are really suffering in pregnancy for various reasons and don't need to be told to 'buck up'.

I'm sure it was well intentioned though.

ExtraHotLatteToGo Thu 02-Jun-16 20:35:15

It sounds, to me, like she meant well but worded it clumsily.

Life without Facebook is so nice except when every second post on here is someone bitching about fecking Facebook

Liara Thu 02-Jun-16 20:35:19

I think she is just getting carried away with the whole wonder of having a baby thing.

My (really, really lovely) sister sent an email including to dh and I shortly after she had her first dc which was all about how priceless having a child was and listing all the wonderful things a child gives you that money can't buy, and how children might mean you have less money but make you infinitely better off.

At the time, dh and I were both on high incomes but dh had just been told he would never be able to have dc (she knew this).

I can absolutely guarantee that she in no way meant to upset us and she would be mortified if she realised what she had done. Fortunately dh and I were able to see it as her being in the honeymoon phase with her dc and not take it personally.

SpookyRachel Thu 02-Jun-16 20:37:29

She kind of started well (if you like that sort of thing), then it all went pear-shaped, didn't it? Lord I don't miss my subfertile years - all the crass platitudes I had to endure...

LunaLoveg00d Thu 02-Jun-16 20:37:30

It's just Facebook shite.

I wouldn't be particularly offended by anything other than her crass stupidity and lack of intelligence which made her think copying and pasting trite crap was a good idea.

TwatbadgingCuntfuckery Thu 02-Jun-16 20:45:38

having been through repeat miscarriages this would really piss me off if it was someone I knew.

'some women can't do what our bodies can'

^^ this.

If she was happy and doing that glowing thing about being upduffed a picture would've been enough. but the whole post comes across as 'Look at me, aren't i special. Look at what I'm doing that some women can't! if you can't enjoy this, savour it then you don't deserve it'

Its hurtful for so many reasons. With my only successful pregnancy I couldn't relax and enjoy all the little things. I was anxious, depressed and going through the most stressful things you could - breakup of long term relationship, being homeless and a high risk pregnancy.

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