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To be pissed off at neighbours?

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fairydust181912 Thu 02-Jun-16 14:28:52

Aibu to be annoyed at opposite neighbours? They have recently bought out their fathers house (he died recently) and have decided to completely renovate the place. Two things irk me.

1) We haven't so much as even had a cursory 'sorry ' knock on the door to let us know of the disruption

2) they have a building firm come mon-fri then the husband and his mates do it at the weekend so it's 7 day a week noise!

I just feel very miffed that they haven't been at all courteous. I'm studying for an open university course and this is horribly disruptive. Not to mention the builders leering in our window all the time.


HereIAm20 Thu 02-Jun-16 14:32:32

No about the builders leering in the window but probably yes about them doing work to improve their property unless its unsociable hours.

Mycatsabastard Thu 02-Jun-16 14:33:38

Yes Yabu.

You could decamp to a library or cafe is the noise is that bad although I find it hard to believe it's that intrusive. Our neighbours are building an extension and the noise is hardly noticable.

However, if they are currently ripping stuff out and doing first fix then this will only be a short period and then they will be doing things like rewiring, plastering etc and the noise will settle down.

halighhalighaliehaligh Thu 02-Jun-16 14:34:26

Unless they're making noise at antisocial hours yabu.

OldFarticus Thu 02-Jun-16 14:39:45

Letting you know would have been a nice courtesy, but is not essential. I guess if the son does not intend to live there himself then he may feel less responsibility not to upset the neighbours iykwim. Sorry but I think YABU if this is going on at "normal" times. And unless you live in a stately home, there is only some much time it can take to renovate, so I think you have to suck it up.

FlyingElbows Thu 02-Jun-16 14:45:30

If the builders are actually leering in your window all the time phone the police. If you're just a bit pissed off that they're in your area and their noise is mildly annoying you then don't.

AugustaFinkNottle Thu 02-Jun-16 14:53:58

If they're opposite you, it can't be that noisy. Put in earplugs. If the builders both you, draw the curtain or work at the back of your house. Sorted.

KurtseyAllslop Thu 02-Jun-16 14:55:44

It wouldn't occur to me to let my neighbours opposite know that I was having building work done. I let my adjoined neighbours know as they're likely to hear and feel work through the walls but not someone opposite.

Next time the builders leer in, stick two fingers up at them or go out there and ask them why the keep looking in. Or buy a blow up male sex doll and sit him on the sofa with a cup of tea watching TV. Chat to him all day. Then have a massive row with him. Give them something to really look at.

Please don't phone the police. What are you going to say 'Oh hello police, the builders from over the road keep on looking in my window'? Ridiculous and totally wasting police time.

fairydust181912 Thu 02-Jun-16 14:58:10

However, if they are currently ripping stuff out and doing first fix then this will only be a short period and then they will be doing things like rewiring, plastering etc and the noise will settle down

Thanks @mycatsabastard I didn't think of that, think the stress of study is driving me to imagine months of loud noise. It can be quite load as the opposite house is sort of set above ours- and all their doors and windows are open.

fairydust181912 Thu 02-Jun-16 14:59:19

KurtseyAllslop haha!! Thanks for making me chuckle.

Certainly won't phone police. Don't know what the builders are doing but they're all young lads so I'm guessing they're just being nosy

LaContessaDiPlump Thu 02-Jun-16 15:05:26

You can get stick-on stuff to go on the inside of windows so people can't see in but you can see out. A godsend for avoiding nosy parkers!

WriteforFun1 Thu 02-Jun-16 15:12:39

I think they should have told you tbh, it's just part of being a decent neighbour

re the weekends, have you checked what kind of noise your local council allows on weekends?

There's no reason why you can't speak to the neighbours if you feel their builders are being nosey.

MadamDeathstare Thu 02-Jun-16 15:33:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mizuzu Thu 02-Jun-16 16:12:02

God this was my neighbours across the road last spring-summer. The builders once even started work at 7 am on a sunday.

JennyHolzersGhost Thu 02-Jun-16 16:33:58

When I had major building work going on I took a note and a bottle of wine around to each of the neighbours and apologised in advance. Never understood why more people don't do this. Buys immense goodwill and makes it hard to complain (fortunately my builders haven't been antisocial anyway as far as I know).

Toxicity Thu 02-Jun-16 16:46:58

Yanbu, I think its good manners to let your neighbours know when you are doing building work and to let them know how long it will go on for.

I hope it finishes soon.

crazywriter Thu 02-Jun-16 17:08:32

Opposite your house can't be that noisy. Our neighbour next door is doing a lot of work (new stone casting, roof slates replaced and a few other bits and bobs around the house). Since he retired, it seems like he only ever does work on his house. But I barely notice unless I'm outside. And it's always in normal working hours, so not unreasonable.

I work from home and used to study for an OU course, but noise around you is something to get used to. The builders leering through your window though is very different. That YANBU about, and you should either say something to them or report it.

ScoutandAtticus Thu 02-Jun-16 17:37:17

We have an extension starting this week and only told our immediate neighbours on either side. I did think about telling others but was advised not to by a friend who told neighbours and then had people asking for them not to work on Saturdays or when their baby sleeps! confused.

dworky Thu 02-Jun-16 17:45:31

Check with your local council - here in London no noisy building work is allowed on Sundays or after 1pm Saturdays.

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