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To think there's no bloody way we will ever be ready to move tomorrow!?

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Youcantscaremeihavechildren Thu 02-Jun-16 10:20:25


Moving tomorrow. Everything has been packed for weeks, most stuff organised bit there's just so much left to dooooooo....

DS is teething and has done an average of 90 million sloppy poos all over his clothes and anything in a 5 meter exclusion zone over the last few days (just as I got rid of the washing machine) , he is fighting sleep and screeching at me every time I so much as turn my back on him and I've been rocking him back and forth in his buggy for the last 30 mins trying to get him to sleep so I can get something done, the phone keeps bloody ringing and you can bet the people I've been waiting on to collect stuff all morning will turn up just as he finally drops off...

DD is in danger of speaking in an American accent she's watching so much fucking disney junior so I can get on and I can feel the stress just building up, I know it'll all come together in the morning but right now there's just all the shite around that we've needed this week and it just does not look like we're going anywhere! I am never moving ever again.

Rant over. As you were.

readytorage Thu 02-Jun-16 12:26:49

Do you have a sling? Or a neighbour who could take the kids for a bit?

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