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To ask for suggestions for my DP's bday present

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andintothefire Thu 02-Jun-16 02:38:04

OK - so I am at a bit of a loss for what to buy my DP for his birthday this weekend and would welcome any suggestions you have!

To give an idea - he is a professional day to day (so fall back options are a shirt or jumper - but that would be boring!) but also is much better than me at going to the gym and likes music festivals.

Do any of you have any interesting birthday ideas that I haven't thought of? TBF, probably not hard to come up with something more interesting given that my current idea is a jumper..

BillSykesDog Thu 02-Jun-16 02:45:21

If he likes the gym how about a Fitbit?

andintothefire Thu 02-Jun-16 02:49:01

Actually Fitbit is quite a good idea - thanks! I'll look into it. I know he doesn't have one.

andintothefire Thu 02-Jun-16 03:16:43

Oh - and I'll probably also get him a book so please let me know if you have any particularly good non-fiction suggestions. Recently he has really enjoyed (or says he has!) the Cider With Rosie trilogy autobiography by Laurie Lee and also a book on the Congo. If any of you are aware of particularly good and engrossing non-fiction I would love to have recommendations.

Hope this thread provides inspiration to other people too because I have always found men bloody difficult to buy for!

BadLad Thu 02-Jun-16 03:57:24

Does he drink?

If yes, how about a different beer for each year of his age?

Princesspeach1980 Thu 02-Jun-16 06:24:11

I bought my DH a voucher for a one to one climbing lesson at the local climbing gym and he loved it. What about an "experience" type present like that?

modelthroughit Thu 02-Jun-16 07:46:51

Born to Run, or Natural Born Heroes (both by Christopher McDougall) are excellent non-fiction if he is at all interested in running or endurance.

Lolly86 Thu 02-Jun-16 07:51:18

I just bought my DH a ticket for us both to go to a film under the stars, like a drive in movie but you sit on chairs or take a blanket and picnic etc. It's star wArs this week grin not sure if it's in all areas . We are in Essex

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