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Daughters boss and colleague are treating her like an idiot!!!

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Koochiemama Wed 01-Jun-16 22:46:43

My daughter started a new job and is on 3 months probation, she loves the job but is starting to feel anxious and perhaps paranoid as they make her feel stupid, the colleague laughs when she's dealing with people on the phone and they whisper, send emails to each other, laugh etc. this doesn't happen all the time but it's knocking her confidence, they have also made comments about people with dyslexia and she is dyslexic .... She made this clear at her interview. She is desperate to do a good job but has made minor mistakes, naturally. Last week her boss took her in an office and said she didn't seem like her usual self, she replied that she was worried that she wouldn't have a job after the trials up, he told her he wanted her to stay and that her job was safe but within a week the sniping started again, I've told her to look online for tips and even confront him but she believes he is two faced. There does appear to be a lot of banter and a few weeks ago she had enough and made it clear with the colleague that she wasn't happy, it died down but slowly it's creeping back in. She doesn't want to go to the big boss who she gets in well with as it could make things worse, my daughter lacks confidence and has left two other jobs because she felt she was out if her depth and the other one was not a nice environment, also bitchy..... I think she can be defensive and hold onto things and it shows in her face, when I suggested this she said she tries to talk to them but diesnt always get a friendly response, the colleague called her needy when she asked him why he hadn't spoken to her all morning.....I am worried she will leave and would prefer her to try and deal with it as she wants to do well there. When she was younger she didn't do well at school and was made to feel an idiot due to her dyslexia which wasn't confirmed until college!!! It seems that this is an underlying problem rising it's ugly head again but I also believe that her perception of these people is right as she gets on with everyone else very well. She confided in an older colleague the first time this happened and she replied that as she had told them about it once, they shouldn't do it again and if they do then they are out of order .....i just want this sorted so she can get some confidence behind her and grow with the company, which is what she wants more than anything.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Wed 01-Jun-16 22:53:43

Its got disability discrimination and in work bullying written all over it. Dylexia is covered by the 2010 law
Please get her to call ACAS.
And please look up Britsh Dyslexia Association.

AddToBasket Wed 01-Jun-16 22:55:09

How old is she? And if she is an adult employee why is it you that 'just wants this sorted'?

Koochiemama Wed 01-Jun-16 23:02:21

No it's not just me that wants this sorted.... I thought I made that clear, she obviously wants it sorted but doesn't know how to deal with it as she is still young, she's just storing it all and trying to ' suck it up' I believe, she is also wondering if she's not good enough for the job but is trying very hard to do a good job.

Thanks live in a lighthouse..... I'll show that to her but she thinks he's forgotten she's dyslexic and she doesn't want to bring it up

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