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Party poppers in kids' party bags?!

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fassbender Wed 01-Jun-16 22:40:57

DD came home today with two party poppers in her treat bag. This is the third or forth time it has happened over the past could of years. She's 6. AIBU or is this completely irresponsible?! I have to look through bags before giving them over! Does it happen anywhere else or is it only in my small town?

pinkyredrose Wed 01-Jun-16 22:42:07

Blimey it's not a grenade you know!

Greenyogagirl Wed 01-Jun-16 22:42:47

What's wrong with a party popper? confused

SenoritaViva Wed 01-Jun-16 22:43:17

I'd show her how to use safely and have some fun.

NeedACleverNN Wed 01-Jun-16 22:44:45

Well considering it's illegal to sell party poppers to under 16's yanbu!

It's one thing to allow a child to let one off with the parent knowing, it's another to stash one in a party bag where the child can get it out at any time

AnnaMarlowe Wed 01-Jun-16 22:45:52


I've never seen it in a party bag though, or at a kids party TBH.

WorraLiberty Wed 01-Jun-16 22:46:20

I'm as chilled as they come, but I wouldn't give young kids party poppers.

Mainly in case they set them off in each other's faces, or burn their fingers on them.

I burnt mine on NYE actually, still not quite sure what went wrong.

Mycraneisfixed Wed 01-Jun-16 22:47:12

A few years ago someone let one off near my head and it hit it. And it hurt like fuck. Now I hate them.

PaulAnkaTheDog Wed 01-Jun-16 22:48:32

It's a bloody party popper. They were given out when I was younger (now 27) and I've seen plenty of times in ds party bags. Never known an accident. Perhaps not the best item but certainly not 'completely irresponsible'.

Samcro Wed 01-Jun-16 22:49:37

odd rather grown up thing to give a child

Mari50 Wed 01-Jun-16 22:49:50

Haha, I read this wrong, missed the 'party' and was thinking this has to be a wind up!!

fassbender Wed 01-Jun-16 22:50:22

Yes I am aware it isn't a grenade and my daughter knows how to use one responsibly but I wouldn't let her do it without me and I wouldn't stash it in a party bag. You never know if other kids know how to use them properly. You can get someone's eye out confused

PaulAnkaTheDog Wed 01-Jun-16 22:50:47

Mari grin

Saz12 Wed 01-Jun-16 22:54:16

Mari, now that IS an interesting idea for a 6-year-ols party bag!!! :-)

MyNewBearTotoro Wed 01-Jun-16 22:54:57

Was going to say YABU as there's no age restriction on party poppers, but googled to be sure and apparently there is!

You have to be 16+ to buy party poppers (and Christmas crackers!) so I guess YANBU.

LouBlue1507 Wed 01-Jun-16 22:54:57

You can also take someone's eye out with a pencil, children need to be taught to use things safety instead of trying to bubble wrap them from everything.
Party poppers were a standard item in a party bag when I was a child (24).

mushroomsontoast Wed 01-Jun-16 22:56:23

YANBU, my 7yo set one off in her face at Xmas, very nearly had her eye out! Despite warnings of how to use them, she found one lying around after dinner and wanted to "see what happened" confused

NeedACleverNN Wed 01-Jun-16 22:58:36

It's 12 for Christmas crackers actually grin

ScarletOverkill Wed 01-Jun-16 23:04:55

I wouldn't be happy if my DD came home with one in a party bag

kali110 Wed 01-Jun-16 23:09:42

lou yep, and me.
I Really would not be het up about this.

TheNaze73 Wed 01-Jun-16 23:48:01

I think YABU on this one. It's not Semtex.

Mari quite brilliant. Too funny smile

Kiwiinkits Wed 01-Jun-16 23:54:48

YABU and YAB a helicopter parent.

Treeroot Thu 02-Jun-16 00:06:53

YANBU, that's just daft, why would you put a party popper in a party bag when there's so many other things you could put in?

YANBU. Maybe some of the posters have sensible children, but ds2 would most certainly try to look into the eye of the party popper while he pulled the string. And he'd do this before I noticed there was a party popper in the party bag, because I wouldn't expect to have to check his party bag for explosives.

And apart from anything else, an ex once fired one at my arse at close range and it bloody hurt.

Treeroot Thu 02-Jun-16 00:08:03

Don't know why there's two YANBUs. Will I do. It's the wine.

Treeroot Thu 02-Jun-16 00:08:33

Well. Bloody well!

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