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cinema misdemeanors

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FlemCandango Wed 01-Jun-16 19:44:04

Took the kids to see The Jungle Book today in a nearby town. Due to ds having many ASD related anxieties about the cinema we always sit in the front row which is fine I am used to it now. One of the advantages is no one else wants to be that close to the screen, so we are less disturbed by other patrons.

The room was only 1/4 full if that, so though there was chatting it wasn't overly disturbing and people were generally quiet once the film started. About 10-15 mins in 3 girls came running to the front row across the aisle from us and spent the rest of the film bouncing around, running back to their old seats (and presumably back to the parent/ adult with them), then back to the front, chatting, doing the occasional somersault, sitting on the floor, putting those weighted blocks for sitting on cinema seats when you are little, on the floor and making various irritating noises. I opted for silent martyred irritation as I have a head cold and didn't feel like making a stand. So I opted for a mumsnet rant thread instead. Hope you don't mind.

My kids sat nicely and kept mostly quiet, no getting up, chatting or gymnastics so I felt justified in being irritated by the lack of active supervision of these girls. Ages roughly 6-9 so old enough to be told the laws of the cinema! My kids are 7-11 so similar age and two on autistic spectrum they are not perfect, I don't hate the girls just their irritating presence, they were clearly gull of energy and should have been taken to a jungle gym not the jungle book!

Hassled Wed 01-Jun-16 19:47:50

Just about anything anyone else does in the cinema winds me up these days. Eating too loudly, drinking too loudly, having the bare-faced audacity to be tall, needing the loo - you name it, it irritates me. I irritate myself with how irritable I get. I would have been beside myself with small children bouncing around nearby.

I suspect my cinema-going days are probably over grin.

19lottie82 Wed 01-Jun-16 19:49:17

One of my favourite treats in life is hissing at people to be quiet, when they continually talk in the cinema. grin

KERALA1 Wed 01-Jun-16 19:54:34

Yanbu. A group of adults 40 plus talked loudly throughout a film Dh and I saw recently - and at an arts cinema not a multiplex. Dh asked them politely to be quiet then ahem less politely. maddening - spoilt ours and others evenings. If you want to talk fine but go to a sodding pub not the cinema duuurrrrr

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