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To think that £60 a year for MS Office is crazy? What do people have instead?

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midnightlurker Wed 01-Jun-16 16:44:31

Clicked on the link to renew and couldn't believe the price! Only want it on one computer, for Word and Excel!!!

OurBlanche Wed 01-Jun-16 16:50:56

Isn't that 16p per day?


ImperialBlether Wed 01-Jun-16 16:52:01

PM me your email, midnightlurker!

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Wed 01-Jun-16 16:52:48

Libre Office. It's free. I used to use Open Office but was told Libre keeps pace with Word better.

latebreakfast Wed 01-Jun-16 16:54:37

Google Docs. Does almost everything that office does and you can share docs and edit/view them on all your devices. And it's free.

OhNoNotMyBaby Wed 01-Jun-16 16:56:11

Do you have any school-age children with their own email address? you can get discounted MS software for educational purposes

Ceic Wed 01-Jun-16 16:59:39

Google Docs and Libre Office here.

We use Google for lots of other business stuff too.

InanimateCarbonRod Wed 01-Jun-16 17:00:20

Google docs here.

LikeDylanInTheMovies Wed 01-Jun-16 17:02:01

Yep, Libre Office is excellent and is easy to pick up if you are used to using MS Office.

If any one in the house is a student or has an email address, Microsoft pretty good deals for Office too.

wheresthetea Wed 01-Jun-16 17:02:04

I used to use OpenOffice but the little compatibility issues drove me mad when uploading or downloading documents from home. Luckily my employer paid the subscription for me but I'll watch the thread with interest for when my year is up!

londonrach Wed 01-Jun-16 17:02:58

You buy it every year. Ive only bought it once over 15 years ago and i think its on the third computer now. Im not interested in the up to date one just something to write letters etc.

TheoriginalLEM Wed 01-Jun-16 17:11:37

i think you can get it for single computer use for £30

lacktoastandtolerance Wed 01-Jun-16 17:16:41

£60 for a piece of software you can almost run an entire business from? That can get you through school or university? That can manage all of your finances, your email, your correspondence, writing, contacts...?

I never understand why people are so unwilling to pay money for incredibly useful software. There are alternatives, OpenOffice, Google Docs, but they don't come close to the power of Office.

Most people spend more a year on hot water and coffee granules than Office costs, yet seem completely happy to do so.

Idliketobeabutterfly Wed 01-Jun-16 17:17:50

Libre and google docs. Also use scrivener to write.

BarbaraofSeville Wed 01-Jun-16 18:06:47

Does your employer have any deals (education, public sector?). I work for a public body and bought MS Office for about £10/11. I mainly prefer it over MS Works because I like spreadsheets with more than one tab - use it for household accounts and to do lists/holiday planning etc.

jay55 Wed 01-Jun-16 18:10:02

I bought the student version that wasn't a subscription. Had used open office before that.

Hulababy Wed 01-Jun-16 18:15:49

Can you access Office 365 for students? If you have a child of school age?

catsrus Wed 01-Jun-16 18:16:09

Libre office - you won't know the diffence most of the time. Just set it to save as .doc or .docx as the default and you're done.

lostinabook Wed 01-Jun-16 18:16:42

The Microsoft Word app is free for tablets

stupidgreatgrinonmyface Wed 01-Jun-16 18:31:27

I think it's great value. I get up to date versions of each programme , including publisher which I use a lot for work things and for 'craft' things. To get the same package as a one off would have cost around £300 and that would not have included any updates. I can have over four years of updates with my subscription, whereas, for the same one off cost, I would not get the updates.

whois Wed 01-Jun-16 18:49:10

Is it £60 for a one off license, or £60 per year?

freshprincess Wed 01-Jun-16 18:51:36

How do you get the discount for school,age children? I looked into it but thought they needed an @school email address which they don't have.

VeryBitchyRestingFace Wed 01-Jun-16 18:56:32

Another vote for Open Office. Interested to hear about Libre Office though, must investigate.

HildurOdegard Wed 01-Jun-16 18:59:55

If you're a business owner and take the subscription service (pay monthly) it's deductible.

It is amazing value for money.

littlemissfuckingsunshine Wed 01-Jun-16 19:03:52

You can use MS office online for free.

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