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Beach-ready 'down there'

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mumoseven Wed 01-Jun-16 12:38:50

Did I really just see an advert for some razor, where a woman was coyly telling a story about getting naked at a BBQ and was worried about being BEACH READY DOWN THERE?

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Wed 01-Jun-16 12:40:42

You did. I feels your pain...

SurlyValentine Wed 01-Jun-16 12:43:57

Yes you did. I saw it last night and DP nearly wet himself laughing at the "WTAF" face I pulled hmm

So, if there are any marketing/advertising gurus knocking about, please feel free to explain how that advert is going to persuade us to buy that brand of razor/epilator/trimmer, because that advert was a steaming pile of shite.

HoneyDragon Wed 01-Jun-16 12:46:12

Good grief, I'm all for bring body content and nudity not being a thing, but even the most committed naturist would wear a pinny nearby BBQ.

Trimming yer bush for the beach is to stop your swim suit looking like your trying to smuggle a raccoon to the seaside. Nudity makes trimming a non issue, surely?

mumoseven Wed 01-Jun-16 12:53:09

Thank fuck for that. I thought I was hallucinating.
Bring back the Joy of Sex 70s style bush, I say, and away tae fuck with this nonsense.

AnyFucker Wed 01-Jun-16 12:57:44

Yep, I saw that

I could feel several thousand brain cells dying as I watched.

MyCatIsTryingToKillMe Wed 01-Jun-16 12:58:50

I also saw this ad last night and got very cross. God forbid that you are not permanently pruned in case you have a beach emergency and offend the world with daring to have hair. Sick of this fucking shit. angry

TheoriginalLEM Wed 01-Jun-16 13:00:34

so glad its not just me!! shes so spontaneous she sas"just do it" when youwant to jump in the. pool. But don't forget to check you're beach ready first!!


YouTheCat Wed 01-Jun-16 13:00:49

I can't believe they still think this lazy, misogyny works.

MerilwenRose Wed 01-Jun-16 13:02:05

Glad it's not me that was annoyed by that advert!! "Of course I was beach ready" oh fuck off!!

araiba Wed 01-Jun-16 13:18:42

discrimination against hobbits and their hairy feet. i presume thats what being hairy down there means..

YouTheCat Wed 01-Jun-16 13:23:49

They better not start having a go at us hobbitses!

proudly combs feet

NeverbuytheDailyMail Wed 01-Jun-16 13:30:45

That ad was on last year during summer too. It makes me want to deliberately don a big old merkin and a teeny weeny bikini and head to my local pool.

Also reminded me that this existed -

Beach Ready Down There

AntiHop Wed 01-Jun-16 13:37:33

I fucking hate that advert. I do not remove or trim my pubic hair. They can bog off with their pressure on women to be hairless.

MardyBra Wed 01-Jun-16 13:37:39

I assumed they were using beach-ready as a euphemism for "ready got a fuck". Beacause apparently you can't be fuck-ready unless you're shaved like a plucked chicken these days.

MardyBra Wed 01-Jun-16 13:38:41

Because. glares at phone

SissySpacekAteMyHamster Wed 01-Jun-16 13:44:29

I rolled my eyes too .... sheesh I just tuck mine in

MardyBra Wed 01-Jun-16 13:44:39

Ready for a fuvk

MardyBra Wed 01-Jun-16 13:44:50

I give up

daisywhoopsie Wed 01-Jun-16 13:52:55

Nobody ever gets naked at my BBQs, am I doing something wrong?

AuntieStella Wed 01-Jun-16 13:53:12

They're probably not thinking of someone who has pubes which grow well down their thighs, are they? Because their depilation needs are quite different to normal bush, where 'getting beach ready' simply means trimming off obvious knicker spiders with nail scissors.

RetroMuff Wed 01-Jun-16 13:56:36

I can't tell you how much I hate that advert. It fills me so much with rage I could destroy the telly when it's on. Awful.

We used to be proud of our luxuriant hair growth in the 70s. Why did it all change?

LaserShark Wed 01-Jun-16 14:03:39

NeverBuyTheDailyMail, that article is brilliant. Thanks for sharing it.

TheSnowFairy Wed 01-Jun-16 14:07:29

I had to bloody explain this to two goggle eyed DS (14 & 11) last night. shockshock (that was them)

HelenaDove Wed 01-Jun-16 14:14:10

Never done mine either Antihop. They can fuck off.

I also see Lorraine Kelly has started the bikini body thing again. Something else on repeat from last year.

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