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to evict DH from the sunroom?

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BaryMerry Wed 01-Jun-16 11:23:46

DH is a music teacher (drums) and needs a practice/work space at home.
We have a living room with an adjoining sunroom and last year I suggested he make the sunroom his studio space. We weren't using it to its full potential at the time and didn't have the funds to carry out his plan to build a studio in our garage. So it seemed a good way to get him a place to work and contain some of his crap which was spreading slowly all over the house.

So now it's a few months on and I miss the sunroom. The light in there is great most of the day, there's a great view of the side garden and park next door, it's warm in the spring/summer and I can envisage how I could turn it into a lovely extra living space. At the moment the curtains are always drawn (mainly to hide all the expensive kit!) it's piled high with drums, amps, guitars, keyboards and various other crapola which DH loves to accumulate.

AIBU to ask him to move into a different room? We have plans to convert a large bathroom into a proper room and I wonder if he could go in there, if it was soundproofed a bit. It's a smaller room but I think it would be warmer in winter, more secure and then we'd all get to enjoy the sunroom.

DH is notoriously difficult to persuade and hates it when I go back and forth on ideas like this. Is it worth the effort to tackle this one with him or am I BU to ask him to move when he's got already got a room to work in AND it was my idea for him to be there in the first place?!

Or - has anyone got a magic spell to make him think it's his idea to move rooms - that usually works when I need him on board with something hmm

whois Wed 01-Jun-16 11:25:37

Go for the security aspect - much nicer for him to have his kit upstairs out of sight. Defo soundproof the room tho!

araiba Wed 01-Jun-16 11:28:36

and what does he do when you change your mind again? just keep moving? after how many moves would he be reasonable to tell you hes not moving?

Kittykatmacbill Wed 01-Jun-16 11:31:19

You have a drum kit in a sunroom? Your neighbours must love you! Yes get him to move somewhere sound proofing.

BaryMerry Wed 01-Jun-16 11:50:15

Re the soundproofing, the sunroom is actually the room most detached from the house and furthest from the neighbours! So that's one of the reasons why he's using it. The problem is NO room in an average house is really fully soundproofed for a drum kit! It's impossible unless you construct a detached, professional recording studio. So I think I'm willing to tolerate a bit more noise if it means access to the sunroom. In fact, I could sit in there while he's drumming because the rooms are fairly far apart grin

araiba I do take your point. Thing is we're not long in this house, only two years this summer, and we're still figuring out how to use the rooms we've got. So I considered the sunroom studio as having a sort of trial period - the space has also been a dining room (not ideal) and housed a lot of bits and pieces for a while. Now with two growing DDs I can see how we'd benefit from an extra sitting space, and it makes sense to me to use the sunroom - that's what it's actually designed for after all! I really wish I could turn it into a lovely sunny sitting room, I'm just not sure DH will agree...

MimiSunshine Wed 01-Jun-16 12:11:54

How far along are the plans for the bathroom conversion? I'd go down that route, so rather than "I want you to move out of the sunroom as Ive changed my mind and now want to use it"

how about "we need to decide what the long term plans are for the bathroom conversion and sun room" when he asks what you mean, you say quite quite breezily, well the sunroom as a studio was a short term solution wasn't it, so while we're converting the bathroom I think it makes sense to sound proof the room as it'll be £xxx cheaper than building a separate space and be loads more secure than having all the expensive equipment on show. What do you think, would you prefer to spend £xxxxx building the studio?

That way the drums are moving out of the sunroom but he can choose where they go to 😉

Zaurak Wed 01-Jun-16 12:25:38

Tell him there have been lots of break ins in the area via Windows.

Sallycinnamum Wed 01-Jun-16 12:32:37

I would love a sunroom as we're north facing so it would never be too hot in the summer but DH is not convinced.

How do you find it in the winter OP (when you can get in it of course)?

BaryMerry Wed 01-Jun-16 12:45:31

Mimi that's a great script, I think I might use that! He's quite tight economical with money so that tactic might work.

Zaurak grin I honestly do worry about the security aspect - we do quite often hear about sheds etc being targetted locally, and it wouldn't take a half-decent burglar long to figure out that there's several thousand pounds worth of drums, amps, keyboards and guitars lying around in a room which is secured by a rather flimsy looking sliding patio door. That's not really sensible is it?

Sally ours is east facing so gets lots of lovely sunshine in the mornings. Tbh it is cold in the winter (another reason for him not to work/store instruments in there?!) but if I can get my hands on the room I'd want to fix the blown double-glazing, put up some decent blinds and beef up the heating - either a new radiator or maybe underfloor heating - so that it's more comfortable all year round. Can you tell I've thought about this A LOT a bit? grin

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