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To not know how the hell I managed to put on half a stone in 3 days?!

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WanderingNotLost Wed 01-Jun-16 09:50:37

Over the last few years I've put on a bit of weight and it's really got to me. My whole adult life I'd always hovered around 9 stone (I'm 5 ft 6) which I was perfectly happy with. Then I moved to a place only a few minutes walk from the train station so did less walking each day, and swapped from the contraceptive pill to the implant (HUGE mistake) and within 18 months or so my weight steadily crept up til I got to 11 stone a few months back. Over the last few weeks I managed to lose 10lbs, getting down to 10 st 4- a combination of more exercise and a low-calorie diet Monday-Friday. But over the bank holiday I somehow shot back up to 10 st 10 between Saturday and yesterday morning! A few pounds here or there I can get my head around- but that is crazy! I didn't binge eat- one big-ish meal on Saturday, a salad for dinner on Sunday, two meals Monday.
Can anyone make sense of this?

987flowers Wed 01-Jun-16 09:52:57

This sometimes happens to me if I'm bloated. My weight easily fluctuates by half a stone in a day. I'd just drink lots of water and eat sensibly then weigh yourself again tomorrow!

It is soul destroying though.

neolara Wed 01-Jun-16 09:55:24

Well it's obviously not half a stone of fat so don't panic. It's probably water. No idea why this should happen though. Have you eaten lots of salty stuff?

WanderingNotLost Wed 01-Jun-16 10:24:24

It was salty-ish i guess, but not ridiculously so. I did mostly drink alcohol but took some rehydration salts on Sunday morning. Maybe that's what's done it?

branofthemist Wed 01-Jun-16 10:28:04

I wouldn't panic. I once put a stone in when I was away for a week. I didn't eat bad as I got married half way through the week and was scared I wouldn't fit in the dress. So it was only a few days.

It came off within a week. I just drank loads of water and ate well.

I can also put up to half a stone on when my period is due. Even though I don't actually have the actual bleeding (depo injection) I still get bloated and out weigh on every four weeks. Again it's gone within a week

TheLambShankRedemption Wed 01-Jun-16 10:28:43

Water retention.

Hormones, intense exercise, salty food etc can be culprits. Give yourself another few days and see how you are then. Don't panic.

WanderingNotLost Wed 01-Jun-16 13:54:00

Thanks for the responses folks - i was panicking a bit thinking I'd ruined a month or so of hard work in just a few days!

HahahahaFuckYou Wed 01-Jun-16 14:00:49

Have you eaten lots of salty foods? That's likely to cause water retention. Or constipation, time of he month etc. it's very unlikely to be actual fat unless you've consumed 10,000 kcal a day grin

Foofoobum Wed 01-Jun-16 14:21:32

I can put on 7lbs during the day and lose it again the next morning... Usually water retention / periods.

That said if you're eating crap you can put it on just as quick as you can lose it.

LordoftheTits Wed 01-Jun-16 14:24:21

I low carbed up to my wedding, went on my honeymoon to NYC and gained 12lbs in five days. TWELVE.

Half of that was off two days later. Easy on, easy off.

sparechange Wed 01-Jun-16 14:33:10

Drink at least 3l of water a day for the next few days and it will go...

1lb of fat is about 3,000 calories, so you would definitely have noticed overeating 21,000 calories over a few days!

Glovebug Thu 02-Jun-16 00:22:03

Are you weighing at the same time of day? Weight can fluctuate a lot throughout the day. Wearing the same or similar clothes when weighing? Scales on a flat and even surface? These things can have a big impact. It could just be anomaly. Check again in a couple of days smile

Noodledoodledoo Thu 02-Jun-16 02:56:53

Also best to only weigh yourself once a week at the same time for comparisons. In similar clothing eg pj's.

Sprink Thu 02-Jun-16 03:24:00

When was your last poo, OP? blush

Sazbird Thu 02-Jun-16 03:52:17

What time are you weighing in? remember that liquid weighs 1kilo per litre so if you weigh yourself after eating or drinking, you are also weighing everything you've had today. Weigh in the morning after going to the loo to get the best reading and naked if you can, jeans weigh 1-2 pounds!!!

Breadandwine Thu 02-Jun-16 03:58:25

When you eat carbs, your body takes in 3-4 times as much water in order to process them.

1.5lbs carbs+4.5-6lbs water = 6-7.5lbs extra weight. Simples. grin

Weight gained quickly disappears just as fast, IME.

molyholy Thu 02-Jun-16 06:27:49

Reading with interest. Could somebody please enlighten me as to how drinking lots of water helps you to lose weight. I know I don't drink enough of it but would like to know how it helps with weight loss?

LadyStarkOfWinterfell Thu 02-Jun-16 06:32:07

Relax! It's not possible to gain 7lb of fat over a weekend so it cannot be real weight gain. Keep at it with the healthy eating and plenty of water this week and weigh again on Friday/Saturday

Thefitfatty Thu 02-Jun-16 06:32:25

Our bodies naturally fluctuate in weight anywhere from 1 to 6 lbs during the course of a day. It's anything from water retention, food you've eaten, etc.

They can fluctuate even more before AF, or at different times of the year (I bloat more in the summer then winter).

It's normal.

Roystonv Thu 02-Jun-16 06:36:53

After having ridiculous weigh ins in the past I now just go by what fits, don't trust scales.

shinynewusername Thu 02-Jun-16 06:54:18

Think about jockeys - they go in a sauna to get their weight down pre-race. Obviously they are only losing water but they can gets several pounds off just with a bit of sweating.

branofthemist Thu 02-Jun-16 07:07:29

Reading with interest. Could somebody please enlighten me as to how drinking lots of water helps you to lose weight. I know I don't drink enough of it but would like to know how it helps with weight loss?

It doesn't help lose fat. But it helps get rid of any water your holding on to.

CheesyWeez Thu 02-Jun-16 08:05:36

Alcohol and salty-ish snacks would put my weight up by loads the next day. I now don't bother weighing myself after a party! Go easy the day after: healthy food, water and a walk. (and a poo) The next day will be much better.

WanderingNotLost Thu 02-Jun-16 08:07:42

Well I drank a ton of water and peppermint tea over the last few days... 1lb down. Hmm!

molyholy Thu 02-Jun-16 08:15:59

Thanks bran

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