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To think that something does not seem right with the parents' story of the boy missing in Japan

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awfullyproper Tue 31-May-16 23:20:43

The story as theyve told is horrendous, but they've already lied once. Did they really just go for 5 minutes? How come he didn't run after them?

Onlyicanclean10 Tue 31-May-16 23:22:56

They sound vile

elephantoverthehill Tue 31-May-16 23:28:54

Hansel, without Gretel.

bakeoffcake Tue 31-May-16 23:31:51

I wonder if we'll ever know the truthsad.

FuckingFattyBitch Tue 31-May-16 23:34:33

I think he's probably dead. I will be very surprised if he is found alive (although I do hope he is)

PointlessUsername Tue 31-May-16 23:35:42

Doesn't ring true.

TheWeeBabySeamus1 Tue 31-May-16 23:42:23

I can't imagine a child could've walked far enough in just 5 minutes that the parents couldn't have found him. Really odd case.

Hopefully he'll be found safe. sad

Sunnsoo Tue 31-May-16 23:47:38

Yes, the whole thing is very odd. sad

Sunnsoo Tue 31-May-16 23:48:05

Yes, the whole thing is very odd. sad

80sMum Tue 31-May-16 23:48:57

I gather that the parents had walked about half a kilometre from the child before turning back to get him. Depending on how fast they walk, they could have been away from him for half an hour or more. That's enough time for him to wander off and fall.

awfullyproper Tue 31-May-16 23:49:36

Exactly what I was thinking. I wonder if it's all made up and something happened at home or at the forest before the parents left. It reminds me of the story in Scotland where the parent said the child had got out of the door at night. It turned out he had died elsewhere.

awfullyproper Tue 31-May-16 23:50:31

80sMum I read that they drove.

Pinkerbeller Tue 31-May-16 23:59:40

This situation is hugely wrong from any point of view but I don't see any memes on facebook or very many threads here discussing or "raising awareness" of it. Maybe if there was a gorilla involved rather than just a child across the world things would be different.

Sunnsoo Wed 01-Jun-16 00:01:56

Yes, the whole thing is very odd. sad

scarlets Wed 01-Jun-16 00:07:30

Maybe I'm really naive but I don't see why it can't be what it seems ie a misguided, over-the-top punishment for naughtiness that went badly wrong. Perhaps they thought he'd stay put and think about what he'd done until they returned.

steff13 Wed 01-Jun-16 00:15:16

I hadn't heard this story. I just read it; my instinct is that something happened to him, and the parents made up this story to cover it up. I pray I'm wrong and he's fine, though.

BeyondTellsEveryoneRealFacts Wed 01-Jun-16 00:15:51

Do we prosecute people for neglect now if they abandon their children and said children disappear?
Why arent mnhq deleting this thread? By parents, for parents......

BeyondTellsEveryoneRealFacts Wed 01-Jun-16 00:16:41

Same of the gorilla thread. That isnt "supporting the parents" either hmm

steff13 Wed 01-Jun-16 00:19:36

Do we prosecute people for neglect now if they abandon their children and said children disappear?

I should think so.

DropYourSword Wed 01-Jun-16 00:21:39

But only if it's not the 'those who shall not be named' parents of MM

awfullyproper Wed 01-Jun-16 00:23:18

Was the gorilla thread pulled?
I do think this situation sounds quite different from the gorilla one. One seems incompetence and the other is just abusive.

BeyondTellsEveryoneRealFacts Wed 01-Jun-16 00:26:39

No its still going.
But people think this little boy has been neglected (not disputing that), and they think that the childs mother should be punished in the gorilla thread.

Yet any mention of you know who and its "this is a site in support of parents"

BeyondTellsEveryoneRealFacts Wed 01-Jun-16 00:27:38

That should say some think the mother was neglectful in the gorilla thread (being less cut and dried than this appears to be)

steff13 Wed 01-Jun-16 00:29:34

Who is you know who?

steff13 Wed 01-Jun-16 00:29:53

Oh wait, I think I know.

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