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A rant about shoe sizes

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gabsdot Tue 31-May-16 21:01:13

Last Saturday I brought my DD to get new shoes. I measured her feet with the contraption in the shop, 13.5. I picked out a few pairs in size 1 and they all fit ok. One pair in size one was too small. The size 2 of that style fit her.

A few weeks ago I brought my son to get some trainers. He's a size 3. They salesman recommend that he should try on a size 4 in the particular style he liked as they were small fitting. The size 4 fit him.

A few years ago I brought my DD to Clarkes. Her feet were measured with some kind of computerised gadget. The sales man brought out a few pairs of shoes in the relevant size and one pair didn't fit at all. It was much too small.

I have other stories but I'll stop now.

Why don't shoes fit. Why don't they make shoes the right size. Why make a whole range of expensive trainers (Nike Hiraches, to name and shame) that are too small for the size they say they are. A lot of people buy shoes on line FFS.


SaveSomeSpendSome Tue 31-May-16 21:06:11


I hate shoes for this very reason

MardleBum Tue 31-May-16 21:13:44

It can vary wildly depending on the style, shape and width of the shoe, some kids have a really high instep for example which means that shoes which are shallow across the top either won't fit or will need to be bigger.

It's the same with bras. I can go into the fitting room with twenty bras all apparently in the correct size and I'm lucky if two of them fit exactly right and feel right. It's infuriating.

For some reason the advice is always to go up a size in trainers which I never understand. confused

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