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Wibu to ask for a new one (trivial)

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Nocabbageinmyeye Tue 31-May-16 19:50:51

Not the most earth shattering thread ever but dd got a new t-shirt as part of her stage school uniform four weeks ago, it has been worn for an hour a week, she changes after and so it's been washed four times. She has to have it, they are all only new issue uniforms to the whole school. The t-shirt cost €10, it has torn badly around the neck and down the sleeve, obviously on the stitching and the quality is pretty crap. Normally I would just probably replace it but they are coming to the end and suddenly they have their hands out for money for x,y & z and it is costing me an absolute fortune in comoulsory extras all of a sudden, i really feel they are taking the piss with money so I would begrudge paying for another shite quality t-shirt for another 4 weeks that she has to have and that will probably be too small in September (unless they have a bigger size)

If I wore something for 4 hours from a shop and this happened I would return it but wibu to do that now? I assume they had the sense to order extras and they can take it up with whoever they bought them from, I'm just conscious of being a pain in the ass to the dance teachers (I did warn you it wasn't earth shattering)

VioletBam Wed 01-Jun-16 07:07:41

I would talk to other parents...see how theirs have worn. Then complain about the quality to the managers/teachers. Tell them how you feel...don't buy a new one.

Explain that you don't mind paying for a t shirt but that 4 wears isn't enough.

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