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...not to pay this tradesman for the entire day?

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KentishMama Tue 31-May-16 09:07:59

I hired a carpenter to fit some shelves and install a cat flap. When I hired him, he suggested doing this work on a day rate, £200. I said that the work probably wouldn't take a whole day. So he said he'd do any other jobs that needed doing. I was okay with that and agreed. DH and I made a list of a few minor jobs that needed looking at.

On the day, the guy arrived and I briefed him on the main job. To be fair, I was in a hurry as I was running late for work, and DH was busy feeding the toddler. But I definitely said: "DH will show you the other stuff" before I left.

So the guy did the main job, packed up his car and left in a hurry. DH tried to show him the other jobs, but the guy was in a big rush and DH let him go, assuming that something urgent had come up. He was gone by 12:30 - in total, he was there for just over 4 hours, including a long break.

Now, DH probably shouldn't have let him go, but to quote, "I would have had to physically restrain the guy to keep him here".

AIBU to only pay for half a day?

leelu66 Tue 31-May-16 09:09:32


monkeywithacowface Tue 31-May-16 09:12:30

Under those circumstances no you're not half a days pay if fair. In the future though just insist on a price for the job you want doing I would never agree a day rate (and my husband is a tradesman)

44PumpLane Tue 31-May-16 09:17:05

I was ready to say YABU, assuming the guy left after 2pm but given he'd agreed to do other smaller jobs and left at 12.30 (thus legitimately meaning he could have taken on a job 1-5) then YADNBU!

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