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To ask for your tips to combat insomnia and why do I feel manic?

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DayOfMaypoles Tue 31-May-16 07:33:06

So my 10-month-old has started sleeping at last! After 9 months of waking every 2-hours or more, he now has 4-5 hour blocks of sleep and only 1 night feed.

Yet for the last 4nights I CAN'T SLEEP! It's become progressively worse. Last night I slept for 1hour despite 6 hours lying in bed. I tried deep breathing, reading, walking round the garden etc but I just feel wired. And this morning I feel great! confused Buzzing with energy, happy, singing to baby, I've cleaned fridge and dishwasher and I don't even want my morning coffee (no need)!
This is a far cry from the sleep-deprived wreck I was a month ago.

What's going on? Is this a phase? Should I pop some zopiclone tonight?

snapcrap Tue 31-May-16 07:39:07

If you feel great, you feel great. That's great! I know exactly what you mean, I get like this, never sleep amazingly well. When I only have a couple of hours I can feel euphoric and full of energy so it is a kind of mania.

I'd say don't stress about the insomnia, it's the worst thing you can do. Accept it, don't fight it. Do all the things you're doing, read, walk... You've only had this for a few nights and your mind is probably just adjusting to your baby sleeping through - either fretting a bit or just getting used to a new night routine.

AlanPacino Tue 31-May-16 07:41:01

Hi op. How are you eating? Resting during day?

DayOfMaypoles Tue 31-May-16 08:17:16

Eating- not much appetite but that's normal for me. I cook for DH but often skip meals when he's at work.

Resting during day- I've tried to take naps but can't fall asleep. Not even close to sleeping. I feel like I've had a double-espresso even though I haven't!

It's frustrating as I usually get very down without sleep and my mood crashes... I keep expecting to descend into a sleep-deprived rage (a daily occurance during DS' sleep regressions)... yet I don't seem to 'need' sleep these last few days confused

justilou Tue 31-May-16 11:49:07

Hi there, I don't usually respond to these things, but I think perhaps that you are worried that this might be symptomatic of something else.... (?) It's only been four days, so it's probably just a logical response to finally getting some sleep, but if it goes on for much longer, it would be wise to get checked out by your doctor. Insomnia and elevated mood coupled with periods of depression can be symptomatic of bipolar disorder (and other mood disorders and mental health issues.) If you do have a family history of mental health issues, it would be smart to get to the doctor sooner rather than later to get checked out.

AwakeCantSleep Tue 31-May-16 11:57:57

Longstanding insomniac here (though I don't have kids). I've not found a 'cure' that results in me definitely falling asleep every time. One thing that has helped is staying off screens at night (or using blue light filter after 9pm). Also I use my smartphone to track my sleep (there are apps for that). And some days I'm convinced I've hardly slept (including remembering checking the time at night) yet it turned out that I did manage to fall asleep at various points during the night. Somehow knowing that my sleep deprived brain is sometimes playing tricks on me helps me be calm about it.

Sleeping pills are the work of the devil by the way. I was on zopiclone for a while and usually felt awfully tired and drowsy the next day. Not much different to a night of little to no sleep.

CountessOfStrathearn Tue 31-May-16 12:04:04

I'd agree with justilou. It is most likely due to actually sleeping, but if it doesn't settle, please see a doctor. I'd also be thinking about post-partum thyroiditis (although it is a little late for that to present but not unheard of), which can give you the feeling of mania, no appetite etc.

Anyway, hope it is just all the lovely, lovely sleep and that there is plenty more sleep to come!

<looks at 6 day old baby and wonders wistfully when sleep will come again!>

AlanPacino Tue 31-May-16 13:13:36

Keep a diary op of how much/ when you're sleeping/eating. If it doesn't improve speak to your GP as your sudden onset of symptoms may be symptomatic of a few things. Here's hoping it's a blip though

BeautyGoesToBenidorm Tue 31-May-16 13:16:12

Sleep deprivation can cause mania-like symptoms, so I wouldn't worry TOO much about it indicating bipolar disorder - the feelings you're experiencing are really common with lack of sleep. Look after yourself smile

5tardusty Tue 31-May-16 13:39:42

If you find that your mind races when you try to sleep, try ASMR videos on youtube or listening to Radio4 on iplayer. Try to focus very hard on the programme (nothing too interesting!!). I find it really useful for pushing my own thoughts out of my mind and letting me switch off.

DrowningInWallStickers Tue 31-May-16 14:32:12

Hey, flowers

Fellow insomniac and manic episode type thing person here.

Firstly, insomnia sucks so bad. But the fact that you feel manic too is a bit of a concern. When I suffer insomnia but still feel relentlessly energetic (and on top of the world) it is amazing. My house is spotless, my kids are happy and running about fine, I don't need to eat for days apart from a slice or two of toast. And then I crash pretty friggen hard. I disappear into a black pit that I can't crawl out of. Anti depressants don't help, contraception makes it worse, sleeping tablets are a no go too.

I've learned to ride the waves of it, when I feel manic I know what's coming and while it doesn't feel like an issue at the time I know it's going to be one soon. Talk about it with someone til you're blue in the face, then keep talking. Sounds daft but I've found it to be the only thing that helps, even when I'm so sick about talking about how good I feel and how bad I feel and how I can't sleep and all the other issues that don't seem like an issue it helps to ease the dark patch. It also helps pull me out of my mania, even though at the time that's the last thing I want.

Also, because I was terrified for years, just because you get manic it does NOT mean you are bi polar. In case you didn't already know.

I'm not too great at explaining things, but if you want someone to talk to in private (if a stranger is easier than family/friends which is often the case) feel free to message. Been there, done that and gone through it all again and again.

I really hope however that it's nothing to do with your mental health, there's also many different reasons for insomnia and mania.

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