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Has to be a catch yes? (Hotel/Travel)

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Shakey15000 Mon 30-May-16 16:13:13

Has anyone seen these offers? What's the catch? Not unreasonable to think there must be.

It's a link to ebay listing 3 nights in a hotel in Prague. Seems to be some kind of voucher at the bottom to exchange for a "free" room. Listed by the hotel itself (as opposed to an individual)

Has anyone ever done this? I'm in the "if it sounds too good to be true" camp but you never know. And we're looking to go in Oct if anyone has any hotel recommendations smile I'm thinking that upon ringing the "free" rooms will coincidentally be gone but ooh!, THIS one is available!

Littleallovertheshop Mon 30-May-16 16:17:02

It depends on the reserve and if you actually manage to book

Diamogs Mon 30-May-16 16:21:40

It does say "Remember to mention that you are an owner of an eBay voucher and notice that there is only a limited contingent on free rooms for eBay. So it is possible that you get no room with an eBay voucher although rooms are free."

Does sound dodgy

Theimpossiblegirl Mon 30-May-16 16:22:33

I stayed here last October. Inexpensive, really good location and a bit different. Prague was amazing, such a lot to see and do. The museum of Communism was a real insight into the country's history.

Botel Matylda

GirlOverboard Mon 30-May-16 16:29:04

Looks fine to me, the seller has excellent feedback and they've been on eBay since 2004. If anything went wrong I'm sure Paypal would refund you. Just depends on the reserve price I guess.

Shakey15000 Mon 30-May-16 16:31:55

That botel looks lovely. Over our meagre budget sadly.

PNGirl Mon 30-May-16 16:50:00

We've just been to Austria on one of these and my mum and dad do it all the time. You email the hotel to book. They do it a lot on hotels that are used for business so they can fill rooms on a weekend.

Shakey15000 Mon 30-May-16 17:16:47

That's good to know PNGirl.

We have specific dates we can go, I wonder if it would work by asking what "ebay voucher" rooms are available and when. In the hope that we're lucky. Rather than give the date first and be told otherwise. If that makes sense smile

PNGirl Tue 31-May-16 10:57:38

That might work. I think mum and dad emailed them asking which weekends in May eBay voucher rooms were available and were given 2 weekend options. We turned up, handed over a printout and that was that!

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