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To send ds back to bed on his birthday

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SweetElizaRose Mon 30-May-16 05:25:15

Ds is 7 today. He was up until 12.30am as he was so excited. I've been up three times since then with the baby and I'm bloody exhausted. Ds has just got up and demanded to open his presents. I've told him to go back to bed until 7am. I'm shattered and he will be shattered as well - we are meant to be going out for the day. Now he is crying that I don't care that it is his birthday and I feel awfully mean.

Aibu to say 5.30am is too early for presents? I don't think I can cope with it this early.

VioletBam Mon 30-May-16 05:29:17

Of course YANBU!

Lweji Mon 30-May-16 05:30:23

I'd be telling him to go to bed or no presents at all. In a nice way, but not negotiable.

ShootingStar75 Mon 30-May-16 05:30:34

Gosh definitely NBU!

Baconyum Mon 30-May-16 05:33:35

Yanbu! Good lesson for him to learn that even though it's his birthday he's till needs to be considerate to others.

RaeSkywalker Mon 30-May-16 05:36:56


youarenotkiddingme Mon 30-May-16 06:03:55

Of course Yanbu.

birthdays are exciting - like Christmas! But a gift is just that and it comes when the giver has had some sleep is ready to give it to you.

Janecc Mon 30-May-16 06:15:44

YANBU but it wouldnt have worked with DD - she would go away an play for a short while maybe. If he won't leave you in peace can you, he and baby have a nap all at the same time later?

Allalonenow Mon 30-May-16 06:27:08

Have you got a book or something he could unwrap and play with until a more civilised time?
Hope you all have a lovely day, even though it has started so early!

Janecc Mon 30-May-16 06:32:13

Hopefully ops gone back to sleep.....

SweetElizaRose Mon 30-May-16 09:05:20

He went back until 6am then we all gave up and went downstairs!

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