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Feeling left out

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Mummyto2bubs Sun 29-May-16 00:40:52

So... My DS started pre-school a few months ago (has been at nursery for years and is very sociable but I wanted him to meet more local children), and I have found the parents (let's face it, mums!) very clicky. I started to make a few friends, parents of children who were friends with my DS, and was invited to a couple of houses for him to play. I tried to return the favour, but on 4 occasions have been left waiting at home with DS whilst these people did not turn up, and ignored all my messages! Obviously he was very upset and I have had to make it up to him, usually by going to the park, during which on one occasion, I actually spotted said parent leaving, with another friend, whilst she was supposed to be at my house!
I'm not coming over as desperate. I have stopped inviting these people over, and they now don't invite me to theirs. I chat to them when I see them but don't go out of my way. I feel so sorry for my DS though, and now I hear there is a parents' night out, of which I was previously told would happen, but have actually not been told the date. I can see them all discussing it on Facebook, but have not been invited. Feeling very down about it and like I am back in the school playground. I try to just steer clear of getting drawn in to the clickiness but it really hurts quite a lot.

sandgrown Sun 29-May-16 01:11:04

Very rude of them not to turn up when you have made arrangements. I would mention the night out but just maybe ask if a date has been arranged yet. It might be a good opportunity to get to know the mums better?

TTwidow Sun 29-May-16 08:30:54

How rude of them!! Playground cliques can be hard for parents as well as children. These mums do not seem very nice. Are there other friendlier mums at the pre-school? They might be going to the night out and you could tag along with them.
Hopefully your son will make different friends who have nicer mums.

barbecue Sun 29-May-16 10:08:54

There isn't some problem with your phone is there? Otherwise it's unbelievably rude of them! How many other people are there to get to know? I hope you have better luck soon.

Mummyto2bubs Mon 30-May-16 18:28:13

No, definitely no problem with my phone. They reply to my messages later in the day and give excuses why they didn't see them sooner. There are lots of other mums but they don't seem to get into the social side. Just drop off and collect their children and go. I'm starting to think that's the way to go... Ugh, hope school is better!

3amClub Mon 30-May-16 18:33:42

Do you need them as friends? If not I would just drop & go. My ds is only 4m & I already dread the school gate scenario so I'll be a drop & go Mam, doing only the pleasantries!

bucketsandaceofspades Mon 30-May-16 18:39:31

That's so rude! They sound like dicks
Have you got other friends with kids?

Mummyto2bubs Mon 30-May-16 18:43:37

Yes, I do have other mummy friends luckily, just none who will be going to the same school. I think drop and go will be best. Can't be doing with it all. Just wish I'd never bothered really!

Mummyto2bubs Mon 30-May-16 18:44:34

Haha, 3am, I've always dreaded it too. I just never thought it would happen in reality. Fingers crossed you are luckier than me!

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