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Nooooooo...oh, the irony!

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dodobookends Sat 28-May-16 19:08:53

Aaaargh MNHQ - how could you?

I have just spent ages and ages doing the Right Thing and RTFT (a v long thread about, among other things, RTFT before posting) and was about to post on it to tell you all of my astounding feat and need for a lie down and cake afterwards, and what do I find? The darned thing has been zapped sad

Arfarfanarf Sat 28-May-16 19:10:47

Troll or bunfight?

IamtheZombie Sat 28-May-16 19:20:08

Zombie reckons the tinned chicken in jelly (or maybe the brined chicken) that did for that thread. Nowt to do with having gone around in circles for 40 hours.

WellErrr Sat 28-May-16 19:22:28

The gardening seemed to finally finish it off.

HQ just couldn't cope with my new Night Sky Petuniaaaahs.

IamtheZombie Sat 28-May-16 19:33:55

Zombie was trying to be circumspect by not mentioning that, WellErrr.

dodobookends Sat 28-May-16 19:34:21

But... you see... if I hadn't RTFT I'd have had time to have been able to post on it, to tell you all that I'd just RTFT... no... wait...

Oh heck, this isn't a TAAT is it?

<hoists self with own petard>

IamtheZombie Sat 28-May-16 19:35:53

Zombie is sorry to tell you, dodo, but this is indeed a TAAT.


GreatFuckability Sat 28-May-16 19:49:14

I always pronounce TAAT as 'twat' in my head.

Gazelda Sat 28-May-16 19:58:20

You're not talking about the mince one are you shock!

dodobookends Sat 28-May-16 20:03:23

I have always boiled my head mince, I'll have you know!

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