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To be mildly peeved about this

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Sleepyjean70 Sat 28-May-16 19:08:31

So we are supposed to be on holiday. Law of sod Dd3 is ill.
I offered to stay home with Dd3 and let dh go with older girls. All good.
Yet before going dh has been on his tablet examining restaurant menus including one where menu has changed. He has pointed out changes to the menu saying things like 'you would like this'
Plus he has talked lots about the days out he has planned.
Aibu to think this is being a bit insensitive.
He has also said that plans to buy Dd a gift as she is missing out. I just know he won't think to do anything for me. In fact my birthday gift was an IOU.
So trivial I know but just feel that my gesture will not be appreciated.

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