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To think this man was a bit out of order?

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Rupeomatic Sat 28-May-16 15:34:22

I was sat at a table in a half-empty coffee shop this morning. Up the stairs comes a man carrying a small suitcase and a coffee. I am at the table nearest the stairs. Without even looking at me or acknowledging me in any way, he sits at my table and starts drinking his coffee.

I look at him, he avoids looking at me at all.

I thought he was pretty rude to be honest, but was so surprised (and hamstrung by not wanting to be rude myself) that I just ended up leaving. But what do you think - was he out of order, or is this just the done thing now which has somehow passed me by?

facebookrecruit Sat 28-May-16 15:35:01

Not out of order but very strange if there were empty tables confused

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Sat 28-May-16 15:35:53


You could've said hello to him.

Bit weird he didn't smile or nod or something.

TheMaddHugger Sat 28-May-16 15:36:18

Perhaps he was wanting to sit by the stairs ? How odd.

ClaudiaWankleman Sat 28-May-16 15:38:13

If it was one of those low coffee tables with four armchairs around then YABU. If it was a small kitchen table type thing then YANBU.

Snoringlittlemonkey Sat 28-May-16 15:39:23

He was being pursued by the bad guys and ducked into a coffee shop to shake them off. He needed a cover so sat at your table pretending you were together. There was millions in uncut diamonds in the suitcase.

Fairly average day really.

8misskitty8 Sat 28-May-16 15:39:47

It's like being on the bus. Full of empty double seats and next passenger comes on and sits beside you ! Aaarrgh, just why ?

WorraLiberty Sat 28-May-16 15:39:59

Why are you still thinking about this non event? confused

Rupeomatic Sat 28-May-16 15:40:41

It was a small table with 2 armchairs.

I must admit, I didn't look for bad guys...

Rupeomatic Sat 28-May-16 15:42:27

Well worra I thought I would share the love, and now you are thinking about this non-event too.

Hockeydude Sat 28-May-16 15:45:04

Weird and rude. Who does this sort of thing?

I would also have left.

AdrenalineFudge Sat 28-May-16 15:57:55

Worra Yes it's a non event but given that most threads aren't concerned with the minutiae of the Earth's position in the Solar system I'd say it's a fair AIBU.
I'd think it odd especially as there's other seats available but wouldn't have thought much more of it. I'd have drank up and left, unless of course I was expecting someone to join me, then in that case I'd have spoken up.

BlokesAllowed Sat 28-May-16 16:04:04

Maybe he was shy and wanted to strike up a conversation, but didn't know how to?

Or more likely, he was trying to shake the bad guys... wink

zad716 Sat 28-May-16 16:06:30

It the coffee shop had been almost full, would you think the man was being rude or being considerate by leaving the remaining tables for groups of people? Maybe he thought the coffee shop was fuller than you did?

magicstar1 Sat 28-May-16 16:10:39

I'd have stood up and moved to another table.

dodobookends Sat 28-May-16 16:20:06

IMO it's always polite to ask the person already sitting at a table whether they would mind if you sit there as well, so he was being a tad inconsiderate really.

ClaudiaWankleman Sat 28-May-16 19:23:46

Armchairs in coffee shops and cafés have different rules I think. It is acceptable to just sit down in them, although I would probably have given you a smile at least.

WalkingBlind Sat 28-May-16 21:26:35

I would find this really unnerving, I wouldn't say anything though just passive-aggressively move my stuff over a seat while sighing really loudly showing my annoyance.

Because I'm British. grin

Rupeomatic Sat 28-May-16 21:32:29

I did an even more passive-aggressive stare whilst being completely ignored grin

Thanks all, I guess he wasn't completely out of order, but it was a weird few minutes.

Buzzardbird Sat 28-May-16 21:32:58

He was a spy and was using you for cover. You are lucky he didn't have to kiss you. Did you notice anything on your saucer?

PelvicFloorClenchReminder Sat 28-May-16 21:34:34

It always helps to have extra bags to plonk on any spare seats on one's chosen coffee shop table. Subtly removing any other chairs and putting them around another table also works, as does talking to yourself.

Squealing out loud whilst reading the exciting bits in 1984 works on trains, not sure about coffee shops.

idontlikealdi Sat 28-May-16 22:40:41

I would have moved, then death stares him.

leelu66 Sat 28-May-16 23:06:01

Yes it's a non event but given that most threads aren't concerned with the minutiae of the Earth's position in the Solar system I'd say it's a fair AIBU.


PuntasticUsername Sat 28-May-16 23:21:37

Clearly he goes and buys coffee in there every day and sits at that table. YOU WERE SITTING AT HIS TABLE.

YWBVU op, honestly, who do you think you are? wink

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