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to wonder if there are any cures to stop snorting?

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Supermagicsmile Sat 28-May-16 07:53:18

I am have to share a room for 7 nights and I'm worried that my snoring will keep her awake. Anything I can do to stop the snoring? (Blocked nose from cold so not sure it's fixable!)
There's no option for an individual room that would have been the ideal solution.

Supermagicsmile Sat 28-May-16 08:00:19


Artus Sat 28-May-16 08:04:21

If it is a cold there's not much you can do - decongestants? If it has other causes then losing weight cured my snoring - but that may not be a short term fix.

cupcaker Sat 28-May-16 09:19:41

Try the sudafed blocked nose spray? It's amazing and has helped my DP in the past with his snoring

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