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to swerve one of these weddings?

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Fluffyseagull Fri 27-May-16 16:29:18

Were going to weddings in the night Saturday and Sunday. One is a mutual mate and one is DH mate. Aibu to miss one? I feel selfish but feeling that my bank hol weekend is being taken up by weddings. Were also going through fertility treatment no one knows and im not really up to innane questions about my uterus from strangersgrin

MitzyLeFrouf Fri 27-May-16 16:30:46

Oh I'd definitely dodge one of them.

How is your stomach, are you sure you aren't about to develop some bowel busting case of diarrhoea?

MitzyLeFrouf Fri 27-May-16 16:31:24

Go to the mutual friend's and let DH go to his pal's wedding alone.

EweAreHere Fri 27-May-16 16:33:19

If you have RSVP'ed 'yes' and they are paying for food for you, etc., you go.

It would be rude not to, unless you are unwell.

VodkaValiumLattePlease Fri 27-May-16 16:34:42

Err no that's bloody rude

Fluffyseagull Fri 27-May-16 16:35:15

It is only the night wouldnt dream of missing a day invite

MitzyLeFrouf Fri 27-May-16 16:36:00

Is it bloody rude? They're only going to the evening part. Or that's how I read it.

Fluffyseagull Fri 27-May-16 16:37:32

Both weddings are evening invites to clarify

Kidnapped Fri 27-May-16 16:37:40

Have you already accepted both invitations?

If so then you should really make an effort to go. I'm always a bit hmm on here when people gladly accept invitations and then decide a couple of days before the event whether to turn up or not.

Fluffyseagull Fri 27-May-16 16:38:58

The saturday one yes. The sunday one was more an open invite to work colleagues and partners

MitzyLeFrouf Fri 27-May-16 16:39:13

The couple aren't going to be out of pocket if you don't turn up to the evening do.

VodkaValiumLattePlease Fri 27-May-16 16:39:22

Yes I do think it's rude when they've rsvp'd, they had a choice when they were invited.

MitzyLeFrouf Fri 27-May-16 16:39:51

Meh. Things change.

Fluffyseagull Fri 27-May-16 16:40:56

To be fair vodka we didnt know id be on fertility treatment when we rvsp ed

SomethingLike Fri 27-May-16 16:41:15

I would go to both but I love weddings so would see it as a treat!

Iggii Fri 27-May-16 16:41:43

They will have requested a buffet for a certain number. You not going will hardly make a difference to the cost, but what if others have the same approach? Why did you accept both?

SomethingLike Fri 27-May-16 16:42:22

You don't have to tell anyone about your fertility treatment though unless you've already told people who are going to be there and you're expecting them to enquire about it?

PPie10 Fri 27-May-16 16:42:24

Yanbu, what a waste of a holiday weekend going to two weddings. Give one a miss.

Iggii Fri 27-May-16 16:43:12

You just have been on fertility treatment for a while though, you didn't find out today! If anyone is rude enough to enquire about babies try the mumsnet stare and walk away.

Fluffyseagull Fri 27-May-16 16:43:42

As explained above why accepted both. I didnt know id need fertility treatment and now i am on it its a bit much

VodkaValiumLattePlease Fri 27-May-16 16:43:43

Does that affect attending events?

TheCrumpettyTree Fri 27-May-16 16:44:04

It's two evenings, it's hardly the whole of the holiday weekend.

Fluffyseagull Fri 27-May-16 16:44:30

Iggi i started treatment this week

JuliaDreams Fri 27-May-16 16:44:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MitzyLeFrouf Fri 27-May-16 16:44:52

Honestly OP if you don't feel up to both you don't need to go to both.

The sky will not fall in.

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