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AIBU to be angry with school

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WhereIsMyPlaydough Fri 27-May-16 01:00:49

Can't quite decide if im over reacting or my anger is justified. Here it is:
Last fri DS had a head injury at school, i was called to collect him. He had a gaping wound in his head, i took him to the hospital and it was sorted. No problems, shit happens.
Then from mon afternoon he starts complaining of headache. Same on tue, i sent him to school after giving him nurofen/calpol. Wed i kept him at home as headache seemed to be worse. Thu (yesterday) childminder took him to school and i phoned school explaining that he's been having headaches and could they please call me if he complains again as im worried. i was reasured it will be done. I then receive a call from cm at pick up time- apparently he came out in floods of tears (and saying his head is hurting) and his teacher said he was 'out of sorts' all day.
I was fuming they did not call me after i specifically asked them to if he has another headache. Called the office to be told he was ok all day and only got worse at pick up time (which doesnt tally with his teachers words 'he's been out of sorts all day').
So to me it seems like him being unwell was simply ignored which i think is unacceptable! Fine kids complain of all sorts but he had a head injury on their premises and surely headaches following the injury should be taken more seriously (especially when a parent expresses concern and asks to be contacted if they happen)?...

Or am i being too precious and fuming over nothing? I took him to ae in the end and he was fine however what if he wasn't?.. Cant help but think his teacher showed a rather poor judgement...or aibu?

DrowningInWallStickers Fri 27-May-16 01:06:28

I'm kinda questioning why you've not had it checked out yet... Clearly there's a problem and your son needs to see a doctor again....

But yes they should have taken it more seriously and have contacted you, I would be having strong words with his teacher on Tuesday (if schools where you are are the same as here and off until then).

DrowningInWallStickers Fri 27-May-16 01:07:29

Ok clearly I seriously missed the bottom part of your post, I'm so sorry. I'm half asleep atm, I should get off my! Sorry blush

MyFriendsCallMeOh Fri 27-May-16 01:08:33

But did your ds tell his teacher he had a headache? He might just have been a bit quieter than usual ("out of sorts" could mean anything).

WhereIsMyPlaydough Fri 27-May-16 01:11:02

I waited because the head injury leaflet we were given states that headaches are expected. It's only when they dont go away using simple painkillers when you need to worry. They seemed to go away with painkillers but were coming back and that got me worried.

WhereIsMyPlaydough Fri 27-May-16 01:14:15

I was trying to establish if he told her however got slightly different versions. I think he might have told her around lunchtime.

MyFriendsCallMeOh Fri 27-May-16 01:26:58

What happened when he told her at lunchtime? Did he ask to get some medicine at the office? Did she just tell him to go and sit back down?

If my kids are feeling a bit unwell but at school anyway, I text or email them, not the office. Sometimes with the best will in the world, messages don't get from the office to the classroom.

Hope your ds is feeling better soon.

MyFriendsCallMeOh Fri 27-May-16 01:39:11

Sorry I text or email the teacher, not them my kids still don't have phones and yes they must be the only ones on the planet

curren Fri 27-May-16 04:54:36

I think 'out of sorts' and a head ache are two different things.

Was he just not himself all day, then complained of headache near the end of school?

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