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Aibu for coming full circle

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JemmaPell Fri 27-May-16 00:47:39

It's a strange one I know but I was wondering if anyone else felt the same or if I was somehow being unreasonable. Manyyears ago I really didn't worry what anyone thought - I enjoyed being me and didn't care what others thought, then I had kids....all of I sudden I discovered a huge self awareness and I've been on quite (maybes teetering on best) behaviour since grin until now.
My children are older..I am working more...I have more time for my friends and their father (my husband)...I feel like I'm starting to be the younger version of me again and not thinking of the consequences...i.e. my kids getting embarrassed or losing respect for me.
In a nutshell, do I carry on trying to be the mother they've always known or can I cut myself some slack and care a little less about public opinion? Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to start totally demoralising myself grin I just want to be able to be myself and have my own views and daft sence of humour and straightforwardness without it reflecting on my kids.
Honest opinions very welcome xx

DrowningInWallStickers Fri 27-May-16 01:01:47

I don't see why not, you're not defined by motherhood. It's a part of you sure but it's not your whole life, you are a person too and you deserve to be the person you are. So long as you're not streaking through the streets butt naked or getting arrested for brawling in the street or wandering around your house naked and drunk and such and so forth that is wink

JemmaPell Fri 27-May-16 17:13:12

Thanks so much Drowning
I was in a thinky mood last night and I appreciate your reply... it's just getting the balance right I suppose smile

acasualobserver Fri 27-May-16 17:50:41

Do you know the Jenny Joseph poem, 'Warning'? I think you might like it.

JemmaPell Sat 28-May-16 01:15:12

Just googled it acasual - love it, thank you!

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