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To move to Fiji?

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TheWizardOfOs Thu 26-May-16 21:21:40

Any idea how?

NerrSnerr Thu 26-May-16 21:24:57

Guess this link is a good place to start.

switswoo81 Thu 26-May-16 21:25:12

Have you been before? It's a stunning travelling destination but I wouldn't live there.

TheWizardOfOs Thu 26-May-16 21:27:12

Never been there.

Perhaps a long holiday would be in order.

switswoo81 Thu 26-May-16 21:29:04

I would. Islands are beyond beautiful , didn't really like the mainland. You might adore the lifestyle though and the people are very friendly but extremely relaxed.

Sceptimum Thu 26-May-16 21:31:59

It is lovely but currently life is very hard there; Hurricane Winston took out a lot of homes and crops and many Fijians are struggling to feed themselves at the moment as food prices have doubled. I'd highly recommend visiting and giving them your tourism if you can. Lovely place with wonderful people.

TheWizardOfOs Thu 26-May-16 21:33:22

I'll save up and go next year. I may never come back.

tilder Thu 26-May-16 21:40:58

Beautiful place. Fab holiday, wouldn't want to live there. Might find climate change is an increasing issue m

pambeesley Thu 26-May-16 21:45:17

Lovely place but not to live.

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