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AIBU has made it to the Evening Standard

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Vickster99 Thu 26-May-16 20:40:37

Two page spread in the Evening Standard tonight about Mumsnet AIBU

beetroot2 Thu 26-May-16 20:45:34

Thought it was rather tame in comparison {grin}

piddleypower Fri 27-May-16 15:33:07

Yeah I saw that. I thought a) journalists sniff around anywhere and everywhere for a story, I bet 90% of the people on here are journalists or writers! b) it wasn't a story, can believe it was an article, and c) be careful what you write people!

HazelBite Fri 27-May-16 15:36:57

I read it in the standard last night and wondered if they have someone in their office who reads Mumsnet all day. One of the threads that was commented on (Homeless) was started yesterday?

I did enjoy (as a commuter) the ES's AIBU's grin

Riversiderunner Fri 27-May-16 15:37:08

I thought it wasn't very funny. Had high hopes but didn't bother reading after the first few. Shame.

Hydroshield Fri 27-May-16 15:38:56

Oh great. Prepare to welcome more trolls...

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 27-May-16 15:44:28

I read that and was nodding along without engaging brain much until the bit about levying 10% of the estate of people who throw themselves under a train to compensate for the disruption they cause. That's such a heartless thing to say. I contemplated writing to the Standard to complain (shamefully, haven't got round to it). I was on an East Coast main line train once which was delayed for hours after an incident of that nature. I was impressed that not one person in the vicinity said (out loud, anyway) how annoying it was. There was a sombre silence after the driver told us why we'd stopped and then a grim, very British silence as we all contemplated how late we were going to be, but (I'd like to think) we were all also thinking of the families and friends of the man concerned, and his own torment leading up to that. That is as it should be. Nobody does something like that just to get attention. Journalists can be scum sometimes.

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