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Aibu to think this is too late for a school concert.

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Allyoucaneat Thu 26-May-16 16:41:46

Whole school summer concert, weren't informed of the timings before parts were allocated etc.

It finishes at 7:45pm, dc to be collected at 8pm. I think this is far too late for little ones, I usually take mine upstairs at 6:30pm bed for 7pm.

My 5yo might be ok with a later night (but grumpy) but it'll be a nightmare to keep my 18month old awake until that time to go and collect his brother. Then there's school the next day.

I think it's just too late for primary 1 children (aged 4 and 5). Prepared to be told aibu.

GooodMythicalMorning Thu 26-May-16 16:44:03

I think yanbu. Our primary does an end of year production and it finishes at 8 which I find is way too late for little ones.

PNGirl Thu 26-May-16 16:45:38

Thing is though if you start before about 6 then no parents who work office hours can go.

Balletgirlmum Thu 26-May-16 16:45:44

As a one off its fine. If they had it earlier parents wouldn't be able to get there from work.

HermioneJeanGranger Thu 26-May-16 16:46:15

I think it's fine as a one-off. Presumably it means it's easier for parents as well.

Mishmashpotatoes Thu 26-May-16 16:47:44

Yanbu. My DD school does this as well with everything, school shows, parties, the lot. The Christmas party started at 7, finishing at half 8, it was 9 by the time we got home and she had school the next day! She's 5 and is in bed for 7.

situatedknowledge Thu 26-May-16 16:47:54

We always had to get a babysitter in that position. It's a pain, but they're trying to cater for everyone.

Pythonesque Thu 26-May-16 16:49:13

Is this a concert that parents will be attending? I'd assume so, and if they have any sense then the youngest should only be involved in the first half of the concert to give families the option to take them home earlier. Can you plan to have the little one doze in a pram at the concert?? School the next day they'll just have to suffer the consequences of a worn out class ...

My son would have struggled with that timing till at least the age of 7.

Witchend Thu 26-May-16 16:49:33

Not that bad. When I was at primary the shows started at 6.30 and would usually finish around 9pm (with an interval). All would take part from year R till year 6 and it would be 3 nights running.
In the 11 years I or my siblings were at the school there was one absence at the concerts... Due to chicken pox.

Artandco Thu 26-May-16 16:49:33

It's fine. For us we wouldn't be able to go if any earlier anyway

And my 5 year old bedtime is 9pm to would be normal.

I would just take 18 month in pjs and let him sleep on your lap if tired

CherishFindensRulerOfDeath Thu 26-May-16 16:50:35

As a one off it's fine, otherwise how do parents who work get to go?

Allyoucaneat Thu 26-May-16 16:50:36

There's also a 9am and 2pm performance. I work office hours too and understand that it can be difficult to get to daytime things. I just know my boys are going to be tired and grumpy being up so late.

saoirse31 Thu 26-May-16 17:02:26

Surely concerts have to be in evening so that working parents can attend. Can your DC seriously not cope with one late night tho? Would they not be used to being up later in holidays?

Xmasbaby11 Thu 26-May-16 17:04:52

Yabu. I think that's fine. Dc are 2 and 4 and they go to bed at 8, so they could stay up later for a special occasion.

TheNaze73 Thu 26-May-16 17:05:18

As a one off or so, it's fine. People that work in town, would never be able to make the commute back for 6pm

SouperSal Thu 26-May-16 17:07:18

YABU. My 5 year old and the vast majority of her classmates would have zero problem with this. She's usually just sitting down to dinner at about 7pm.

Obeliskherder Thu 26-May-16 17:12:05

If the 18 month old can't manage it, ask another parent to drop your older one back. This slot is not convenient for you but it's one our junior school uses all the time for parents' convenience. There are plenty of events during the school day that have to be juggled round work as it is.

Allyoucaneat Thu 26-May-16 19:16:48

Ok so consensus it's ok. My DS doesn't cope with later nights and the next day is usually hellish with tears and tantrums. Even on holiday we stick with an early bedtime because it's just not worth the fuss (and then dp and I can enjoy an evening to ourselves).

I'll see if another parent can bring him home and then at least I can put ds2 to bed, that's a good idea thanks.

Littlepeople12345 Thu 26-May-16 19:19:33

Ours starts at 7:45 at the local theatre. The next day my DC are pooped.

AngieBolen Thu 26-May-16 19:39:46

5 year olds sitting down to dinner at 7pm?

Mine always had dinner at 5pm, then bath and bed at 7pm.

My 4 year old was almost dead on his feet after a day in Reception (a helpful MNer suggested I take him to the GP about it) grin

It is very late, and doubly annoying as it's over the younger ones bed time, and getting a sitter to put a toddler to bed isn't easy, well not for me and my DC anyway.

Artandco Thu 26-May-16 19:45:09

Angie - none of us get home until 6.45 usually. We then have to cook before eating hence my 5 and 6 year olds eat at 7.30-8pm.

Same at weekends. Tbh I don't think they would be hungry enough at 5pm for a full Meal as they eat lunch 1-1.30pm at school so that would be another meal 3 1/2 hrs later.

Allyoucaneat Thu 26-May-16 19:48:38

Angiebolen - yes after a full day of school he's extremely tired. Three shows in one day I feel is such a lot but as it's only once a year I will suck it up. Hopefully by next year he'll come better with the late nights.

Dp works back shifts so he isn't around weekday evenings to help.

SouperSal Thu 26-May-16 19:55:24

5 year olds sitting down to dinner at 7pm?

Mine's currently eating hers.

Yes. We're night owls. I've as much chance of getting her to bed at 7pm as of swimming to the moon (and I wouldn't actually want to for many reasons).

School days are usually up at 8am, school at 9am, 3:30pm finish (she chooses to eat the rest of her packed lunch then), play/read/telly/walk/bike ride, dinner at about 7pm, bed by 8:45pm and asleep by 9:30pm. She's perfectly well rested and happy. I'm usually asleep for about 1am and up at 7:45am.

In school hols we sleep in till 9am or 10am. It's fab. grin

toobreathless Thu 26-May-16 19:58:54

Schools can't please everyone and they can't be expected to take younger siblings into consideration.

I think most children would be able to manage this as a 'one off' and it will enable working parents to attend so I would just go with it.

If your son is overly tired take him in at lunch the next day?

AngieBolen Thu 26-May-16 20:49:16

It's seems everyone is different. We've all left the house by 7.30am. No getting out of bed at 8am and rolling to school for 9am for us! That's midmorning snack time for me. grin

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