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to give up and go out?

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AnnieOnnieMouse Thu 26-May-16 14:04:42

An acquaintance - part of a local group - said she wanted to learn a particular craft. I can't for the life of me recall her name, so I have no way of trying to contact her via mutual friends. We'd arranged for her to come here today, but something has broken, and we need to go out and sort out a replacement. Dh needs to drive me, I need to go, as it's in my name.
I said to come round, definitely NOT before 11 am, as I knew I'd have a late night last night, and would need a lie in this morning. It's now 2pm, and no sign of her. AIBU to just go out? She can't live more than 10 mins drive away, probably less, so she'd not be wasting a long journey, if she turns up after we've gone. DH says no to putting a 'Burgle me, I've gone out' notice on the door' wink

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