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AIBU to think this deserves legal "spanking"?

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Kherien Thu 26-May-16 09:58:37

We and our neighbours have a disagreement. I'm not going to go into details, as it's not relevant to the issue.

What got me really mad was last evening. I picked up my DD from her nursery and while getting her out of the car in front of my house I was attacked by my neighbours over some new issue they have.

The woman started shouting, the man followed, and I would normally just quietly dismissed them as unreasonable, or ask to sort it later when they cool off, but the fact the they did it in front of my 3-year-old got me really furious. Suffice to say I too raised my voice a couple of times (no shouting on my part though).

Later that night my child didn't sleep well, was nervous and very fidgety.

I really feel like seeking legal advice on this. Soooo angry!

00100001 Thu 26-May-16 10:04:41

What do you think a legal advisor would do? confused

Surely, it's irrelevant they did it in front of a 3 year old?

You could call the police and say they are harassing you.

00100001 Thu 26-May-16 10:05:06

Were they preventing you from walking away?

Birdsgottafly Thu 26-May-16 10:06:47

I'd speak to them when it's calm and make it clear that if they shout at you infront of your child again, you will report them for threatening behaviour.

You need to not react to them when with your DD.

seeyounearertime Thu 26-May-16 10:09:30

I actually think the details are relevant to the issue?

Your neighbours are upset with you for some reason, they saw you, were angry and shouted at you. what made them angry is quite integral i would have thought.

Unless of course they're crazy and they like shouting at people and upsetting children for no reason what so ever.

BillSykesDog Thu 26-May-16 10:18:52

I think the details are relevant too. For example if you've been holding raves in your back garden every weekend for the last 3 months keeping their children awake I would say they would be quite within their rights not to care if your child was upset.

Kherien Thu 26-May-16 11:02:34

@BillSykesDog: They have no children and live on the other end of the road anyway.

@seeyounearertime The issue is of the sort where my child is by no means involved, nor is it related to us being noisy or in any such way disturbing.
I am a non-threatening person and I live in peace with everyone on this street but them.
They manage our street and are simply very bossy. It is their "way".

@00100001 I will call the police next time, thanks smile and I couldn't walk away because it was in front of my house. I could only go on with unstrapping my DD picking up all my bags (you know how it is...) which what I did. It did take several minutes during which all this happened.

00100001 Thu 26-May-16 11:30:45

Sorry, by 'walk away' I meant, just carry on with what you're doing and ignore them smile

Kherien Thu 26-May-16 13:40:29

@00100001 Oh I wish I knew how it would spin!
When the woman opened her mouth it wasn't a shout, so I answered and tried to be reasonable... Just ignoring would seem impolite.
And then hell broke loose, and I hope I actually did that ;)

00100001 Thu 26-May-16 13:58:43

oh dear sad

Gottagetmoving Thu 26-May-16 14:04:10

Crikey,.. Has your 3 year old never seen anyone shout before? I can guarantee your child will be witness to people shouting before they grow up.
You cannot control what other people do so your job is to keep calm for your child and then reassure them.
The issue with your neighbours needs to be resolved in a grown up way and whatever they are angry about IS relevant, although coming at you shouting is totally unreasonable.

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