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to have chugged down a whole bottle of wine last night?

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violetmcds Wed 25-May-16 05:13:16

Feeling slightly bleary. I supped up a whole single bottle of wine last night and it was fine. Didn't feel too drunk and don't feel too hungover. But is a whole bottle too much? (FYI I'm 5'8ish and average build - dunno if that's relevant)

PuppyMonkeyBaby Wed 25-May-16 05:19:54

Yes it's too much (from someone else who did the same last night).

Rebecca2014 Wed 25-May-16 05:23:07

I do that once a week so no and I'm shorter than you.

TheDowagerCuntess Wed 25-May-16 05:33:40

You will get a range of opinions. It's not the end of the world if it's only every now and then. Every night, on the other hand...

sashh Wed 25-May-16 05:36:22

That's OK, i will be having a drink on Friday so you can have my units for last night, and tonight too if you want.

beenaroundawhile Wed 25-May-16 05:40:57

Standard answer will be yes but I think the real question lies in how often you do it.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Wed 25-May-16 05:42:10

It's fine, IMO, sometimes you just need to.

TheDowagerCuntess Wed 25-May-16 05:47:53

I'm guessing if you feel the need to post about it, complete with an analysis of how you're feeling, it's not something you do every night.

timeforabrewnow Wed 25-May-16 06:00:10

You were unreasonable for 'chugging' it down. Next time just drink it or sip it.

Otherwise it sounds like you drank the whole lot without bothering with a glass.

Pacx Wed 25-May-16 06:24:15

Do you suspect that you may have a drink problem? If not, why are you posting?

Fishcake72 Wed 25-May-16 06:40:12

I think that's quite normal lol

CoYoAddict Wed 25-May-16 06:40:42

I find if I am just at home watching TV etc, then half a bottle is more than sufficient, a large glass with my meal and a large glass after it, or before it.

2/3 of a bottle is the optimum amount if I want to feel a tiny bit pissed but not enough to feel bad about being pissed at home for no good reason. One bottle is too much and I rarely have it but when I do I regret it.

LouBlue1507 Wed 25-May-16 06:41:38

To prevent chugging use a straw grinwink

christinarossetti Wed 25-May-16 06:53:11

The reasons for drinking a whole bottle and how often you do it are the key factors here.

HeteronormativeHaybales Wed 25-May-16 06:57:05

Yes, it's too much.
I'm an expat and they're right about UK drinking culture. It's seen as normal to drink huge amounts and there's an atmosphere of collective reassurance around it that you really notice from a distance.

UnderTheGreenwoodTree Wed 25-May-16 06:57:56

I can do this frighteningly easily. I do feel it the next day though.

I don't think it's recommended, obviously - but you'll probably get away with it occasionally.

ProfessorPreciseaBug Wed 25-May-16 07:21:39

Unreasonable, not
Unwise, yes
Understandable, yes
Unlikely to repeat.... hmmmmmm

Ditsy4 Wed 25-May-16 07:29:57

I'd be really ill if I did that!
I think it is too much. My friend and I share a bottle that is enough for me. On my own I wouldn't drink more than two glasses.
We're you upset about something?
Take care it doesn't become a habit.

whatwoulddexterdo Wed 25-May-16 07:31:00

Be careful what time you drive this morning. Takes about eleven hours from your last drink for the alcohol to clear your system

Brekekekex Wed 25-May-16 07:35:47

Would be too much for me alcohol-wise- I'd feel soooo rough right now if I'd done that last night. Plus that's about 650 calories - that's like eating another dinner confused

PinguForPresident Wed 25-May-16 07:37:57

Assuming you don't do it every day, I think it's fine. I'm quite capable of doing similar - but usually only drink more than a glass or so at the weekend.

PurpleRibbons Wed 25-May-16 07:38:19

I'd feel horrendous if I'd done that! It won't hurt as a one-off, I think you only need to worry if you make a habit of it.

EponasWildDaughter Wed 25-May-16 07:43:09

Was it because you enjoyed the wine or because you were using the wine to feel better?

How often do you drink all of what's available?

Do you ever feel you need to drink?

Do you drink every day?

Were you on your own - do you often drink alone?

ExtraHotLatteToGo Wed 25-May-16 07:58:12

There's nothing wrong with drinking alcohol when you are on your own. I like coffee - I drink that when I'm on my own, I like water - I drink that when I'm on my own, I like wine - I drink that when I'm on my own. No difference.

violetmcds - I'm far more concerned about violet McDonalds 😁

ParadiseCity Wed 25-May-16 08:02:02

I did this last week and felt ROUGH the next day so I am very jealous. Unless you have to drive this morning or perform surgery or whatever, and you didn't do it to mask problems/as a crutch/etc I think a one off is fine.

YY to straw advice. grin

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