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to think DM is just a big spoil sport (lighthearted)

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StrictlyMumDancing Mon 23-May-16 18:30:42

We're expecting a 'royal visit' in the next couple of weeks - i.e. BIL and SIL are arriving to visit PILs and we're expected - though not in any way, shape or form wanted - to drop whatever and pop in to see them when they deem it appropriate. Clearly the ill feeling is completely mutual grin.

My DF is due a major operation soon, so I may have a massive excuse to not join in this 'reunion'. DD has a hearing impairment so thankfully misses the change in her GM when BIL and SIL are around, but DS is like a bat.

My DM has told me in no uncertain terms that I am not to bribe DS to tattle on any of the ILs being mean as she says he is too like my DF and will probably just walk in and say 'mummy said she would give me chocolate if I told her who was being mean today'

AIBU to think she's just a spoil sport and the fall out would be hilarious grin

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