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to delay potty training

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gubbinsy Mon 23-May-16 15:56:15

In true style, DS1, 2.5 has suddenly started saying he wants to wear pants, telling me he's done a wee etc. Thing is, have 3 week old DS2 and not sure I can manage to potty train whilst getting breastfeeding established and starting g to cope with two.
Aibu to delay a bit? Will I miss a window? Even a couple of weeks would help!

cosmicglittergirl Mon 23-May-16 15:58:48

I would, you need to have the energy to deal with it. He can pick it up again later. Maybe he him pull ups as a halfway house?

wornoutboots Mon 23-May-16 19:25:20

tbh it's not much more hassle than keeping him in nappies.
but you would not be unreasonable either.

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